Cover0213Monday morning, I walked into my office and, sitting on my desk, is a gift-wrapped stoneware mug, with cookies, tea and a candy stick. A few minutes later Alicia, our Office Manager, walks in saying “Happy Birthday”. I say, “No, Alicia. My birthday is not until next month, in February.” She replies, “Wow, I’m thinking this is February, because we’re sending the February Rocky Point Times down to Los Mochis tomorrow for printing.” This way of mixing up your dates is easy to do, because we close the next month edition on the 10th of the preceding month, and even tho it’s mid or early January, we are thinking a month ahead. This is also why some of our articles are about past events…because of our deadline.

2013, I started off the New Year in a memorable way. I woke up one morning with a very swollen jaw and an aching tooth. My dentist Dr. Grijalva said that I would need a root canal. A few days later, when the infection and swelling subsided, I had an appointment with Dr. Raymundo, who is a root canal specialist at Dr. Grijalva’s office. When you hear the words “root canal”, I think most people shudder and think “pain”. I can honestly say that I almost fell asleep during my thirty minute procedure. It was absolutely painless. I took a photo of Mario, who will answer the phone when you call the office at (011-52-638) 383-3434, and then Mario took the “Before” and “After” photos of Dr. Raymundo with me in the chair. It might take awhile to secure an appointment time, but I am sure that you will be happy with the work.

On a lighter note, recently Sandy and I had to go to Hermosillo to update our factura (official tax receipt) information, to include a QR code (a digital signature). We decided to take the scenic route, the Coastal Highway, which begins going south about 45 minutes after going east out of Rocky Point on Hwy 03 / 37 (Fremont Blvd) towards Caborca. The new Coastal Hwy Intersects and you head south towards Desemboque, Puerto Lobos and Puerto Libertad. It is a beautiful scenic drive, with little traffic, the Coastal Highway ends at Puerto Libertad and becomes a two lane paved road to Bahia De Kino. The first twenty or so miles of the old road is OK. Then it quickly turns to almost undriveable conditions. There are sections where the road is completely washed out and the good part is nothing but huge holes in the road. Often times you are driving the shoulder of the road in the dirt that slants down away from the road. It is a desolate area with “no services” for about 100 miles!!

I was glad that we had just put new tires on our Hummer, because I doubt a regular tire would have made it. About 30 miles this north of Kino was a sign that said Hermosillo. We said thank you, and made a left turn, on a much better road. After several miles this road dead-ended, with no signs, saying which way to Hermosillo. So we turned right and ended up, after dark and running on empty, in a small town with a name neither one of us remember. We asked, “Where is Hermosillo”. And we were told, “70 kilometers”, back where we came from. We finally made it to Hermosillo, it took us about 7 ½ hours and a normal drive is about 5 hours. Without a doubt that is the worst road we have ever driven on. We will NOT do it again. If you want to go to Puerto Lobos, Santo Tomas, Playa Dorada or Puerto Libertad, Go and have a good time….but do not go past Puerto Libertad.

From all of us here at the Rocky Point Times office, it is with great sadness we announce the death of our dear friend and project developed of Laguna Shores Resort, Mr. John Thomsen. John is a big reason for the Laguna Shores Project and he will be fondly remembered.