So much, yet so little, is going on in our little fishing village of Puerto Peñasco. Everything has been cancelled – at least through June – at this point – and we’re just playing it by ear for the summer months, since things are changing in the blink of an eye. People are staying home, yet so many are busy helping the less fortunate in any way they can. The town seems SO still, yet SO much is going on behind the scenes, some of which will never hit the light of day and we’d like to thank those selfless people.

We all want to hit the beach again, play around in the desert, go to our favorite bars, shops and restaurants, see our friends and be social. “Stay home and stay safe” is becoming increasingly more difficult for most of us since we are social creatures by nature, and Rocky Point is a very social place. Where do we meet up with friends? We meet up at local bars and restaurants. We plan for happy hour at a friend’s condo or local bar, we plan sunset cruises together, trips down the beach and dinner at our favorite downtown taco stand. Rocky Point is all about being “out and about” and we all want to be out and about again – and we will soon!  I am hoping for an excellent summer as I know everyone is super eager to return and our businesses are super eager to reopen. Humidity and heat will keep NO one away!! Until then…stay healthy and send us your favorite Rocky Point photos so we can post them!

The May edition of the Rocky Point Times Newspaper is available online only. I do apologize to our subscribers who will not get their paper in the mail this month (you will be credited on the back end). I felt that we cannot do a proper job of promoting our city and our advertisers when everything is shut down and we have no visitors. I would’ve loved to print the paper this month, but I felt it more important to keep our employees employed, and our bills paid until the city reopens and we can continue business as usual and do a proper job of representing the city as we have done for almost 30 years now. We do not have stimulus checks nor government money being handed out to individuals and small businesses, so many of us will not survive, which is very sad. Unlike the recession, where we still had trickles of tourists, the tap has been turned OFF this time! The well has gone dry! We were not prepared for anything like this and I believe we are all are doing what we can to help our community.

There are so many people working in person and on the phone trying to help the citizens of Puerto Peñasco. Lots of people are spending their days and nights preparing and delivering meals to those in need. And there are people on the phone calling friends and clients trying to raise money to buy the food to feed those in need. And then there are local businesses who have morphed their services into providing services for people in need and for those who cannot go out. The lengths people will go to for their fellow humans is simply amazing. If you are one of the fortunate ones who have a few dollars you can afford to spare and would like to help feed the citizens of Rocky Point, go onto our Facebook page and there you can choose how you would like to help. Just scroll through the postings and you’ll find many ways to help or email Alicia at and she can help you with your donation.

Things change daily in Puerto Peñasco, so I don’t want to make any predictions as to when we will be allowing visitors back to town, but it definitely won’t be this month. The city has acquired COVID-19 Rapid Tests for the local community and is expecting additional shipments for residents who would like to return to the city. Tests for the local community are provided for free, but if you are a resident who would like to return, the cost is said to be $1800 pesos. I am not including “visitors” in this statement because I just don’t know. I heard yes. I heard no. Information constantly changes so check our Facebook page and/or email us and we’ll let you know the latest.

Until we can all be together on the beach again…take care of yourself!!