10 things I know about US during this time

It’s April, Semana Santa week, the Holy Week before Easter. This article will be printed in the May edition of Rocky Point Times, and since I am not a psychic or a soothsayer, I can’t predict what the world will look like this time next month after Easter.

But, what I can predict, is how as a collective, our town, our people and our beautiful city by the sea, responded together, and will continue to respond to this event in our history:

This is what I know about my home Rocky Point aka Puerto Peñasco.

  1. I know: We are lucky to be part of a pro-active loving city. The city of Puerto Penasco, thanks to our Mayor Kiko Munro and our Sonora Governor Claudia Pavlovich, swiftly and quickly closed the city down on a 24-hour curfew on April 3, 2020 to any non-residents. Initiated a 24-hour curfew, limited all non-essential business, and managed to do all this before our city residents became infected at one of the busiest times of the year, Holy Week.
  2. I know: Our city closed the beaches down at the end of March. As a fanatic daily beach walker and tide watcher, this one was the most difficult thing for me. I generally walk the beach alone or with my husband, barely encountering another human being. However, what I do know if we didn’t do this for the weeks leading up to Semana Santa, we would lure the wonderful crowds from the past, wanting to spend their time-off on our beaches.  Who wouldn’t want to lounge, camp and sit on the sand with friends and family. We don’t blame anybody, our beaches and our sea are outstanding, but for a time, just this one time, it can’t be experienced in person. People could infect others, and harm others without even realizing it. Out of town visitors could bring the virus into our town. Nobody wants to do that. And, if one person walks or lounges on the beach, everyone else thinks, why can’t I walk the beach? Like I said I hope the beach restrictions are altered, perhaps two or less walking on the beach allowed and no lounging, so if you live on the beach you can at least go walk your dog, and breathe the fresh sea air, but as of now, no today. No one not nobody gets to see the wizard.
  3. I know: We will be proud of what we did during this time to help protect the city. We will be proud of what we did to protect our friends and families. We know this won’t last forever and soon we will be frolicking on the beaches, enjoying the sea and celebrating with friends. I’ve never wanted to hug, shake hands and just get close to strangers as I do now. That time will come. I’m an optimist, so I’m hoping as you read this, it is a time of the past.
  4. I know: We are in this together, Rocky Point Times, Rocky Point 360 and all the wonderful news outlets are constantly covering the people & businesses that are helping others. Giving away food, masks, and other essentials. I wave to everyone I pass from a social distance, a smile goes a long way, and this is the time more than ever to be friendly and get to know your neighbor from a distance. We are trying to support all the local taco shops, restaurants and convenience stores that are still open. There are many who are delivering and open for take-out. I’m posting beach pics, videos and daily inspiration on Rocky Point Local Facebook page.
  5. I know: We have great supplies in all our stores AND no toilet paper shortage! Safely, we can support the business and eateries that keep us fed. Check with your favorites and see who is open.
  6. I know: We are restless, we are stuck in small spaces, we miss our friends and family members.
  7. I know: This time in our lives will change everyone of us. At least I hope so. I hope families who didn’t spend time together before, spend quality time now. I hope children who only learned from school, learn from their parents. I hope people put others first and help someone in need. I hope folks find contentment and strength within themself because they made it through a tough time and did the right thing.
  8. I know: We will get through this. We have been through hard times before and we did it, and we will do it again.
  9. I know: There will be a vaccine. Better and quicker testing and this historical time will be a strong memory of the past. The thing about this virus war, is that it is not people against people, it is happening to the whole world, everyone of us. We can be united and help each other. The worst thing about this time is we can’t all get together and hug, gather and console each other through human touch. We will be able to soon and I hope we take advantage of every touch, every crowd, every celebration with our friends, family and strangers.
  10. I know: It’s times like these that we will learn to live again. If you’ve ever been one who was wrapped up in a day to day routine, oblivious to the world around you, and now you miss the human connection, I hope you reexamine what we once took for granted. You are forced to examine what you could do with your time, your attitude and how you would contribute to others. If you contracted the virus and pulled through, Yeah! Congratulations, you learned you are a survivor.  For those who self-quarantined themselves for 14 days you know that you cared about others. And, for the majority that hopefully it never touched, be grateful.

Remember: Hope is the only thing stronger than fear. WE got this, be safe. Be kind and stay healthy. We are going to be better than ever.

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Hopefully, you are reading this on your beach vacation in Rocky Point or are planning one soon.