Imagine escaping the summer heat of Puerto Peñasco and immersing yourself in a world of cinematic wonders. If you haven’t checked out Cinépolis Movie Theater (located on your right headed into town from the border) directly on Benito Juarez, summer is a perfect time to check it out.

This modern movie theatre offers an oasis of comfort and entertainment for an unbeatable price. As you venture into the Cinépolis theatre, you are immediately greeted by sleek and pristine surroundings. The sound quality is exceptional, and the seats are impeccably clean. Perhaps the most surprising and delightful feature of this theatre is the coolness of the temperature and cost of the total experience compared to the USA. The presence of massage chairs in the lobby, which adds an extra touch of relaxation to your movie experience, is also nice. If you haven’t tried it this is a not to be missed enjoyable escape.

Affordable Entertainment:

Comfort and high-quality amenities aside, the affordability of this movie theatre is truly remarkable. With admission for two priced at only 100 pesos (less than $3) per person, it is significantly cheaper than a cup of Starbucks coffee. Moreover, the option to add a popcorn and soda combo for a fair price further enhances the value for money. They also offer hot dogs, and nachos.

A Language Journey:

While most shows are in Spanish, this movie theatre offers a unique opportunity for individuals to either enjoy Spanish films or learn English through subtitled movies. By consulting the movie listings, viewers can easily identify whether a film is in Spanish (designated as “esp”) or subtitled in Spanish (designated as “sub”), with the actors speaking English. This inclusive offering caters to both Americans and Spanish-speaking individuals, fostering cultural exchange and language learning.

Summertime has long been associated with blockbuster movies and cherished memories of going to the theatre. The tradition dates back to the early 20th century when movie theatres became a popular destination for families seeking relief from the summer heat. As air-conditioning became widespread, movie theatres evolved into cultural hubs that entertained and provided respite from scorching temperatures. I love the movie theatre, the moment the lights go down, I love being transported to another time. It is the only time machine I have ever been in. My childhood memories are full of the 1980’s classics such as the original Star Wars, Ferris Buellers Day Off, The Terminator, and Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. As an avid movie watcher, I love the experience of seeing a great film on the big screen, that feeling of seeing something new for the first time knowing you might be transported to another place, Pure Magic.

Last month, a small group of us ventured into the cool to watch Barbie, which I must add is not a children’s movie (thus the PG13 rating). One reason we chose the movie is because it was the only movie that was not dubbed in Spanish at the time, and we were seeking an English film. Ironically, the Barbie movie is breaking records and has become a blockbuster sensation. I enjoyed the Barbie movie for the large screen experience and the laughs. The opportunity to see it on the big screen, and with friends laughing made all the difference.

So, whether you live here or are just visiting, take a break and check out the Cinépolis in Puerto Peñasco. The movie theatre offers an unforgettable experience at an incredibly affordable price, and it is a haven for movie lovers seeking a reprieve from the heat. Movies make a great date night. So, take an afternoon off invite your loved one on a date, and go see a movie, afterwards check out one of our wonderful dining options and discuss the movie.

Whether you are a Spanish-speaking individual, an English learner, or simply an avid moviegoer, this theatre accommodates a diverse range of audiences. So, grab your popcorn, sit back, and get ready to escape into a world of cinematic wonders that Puerto Peñasco provides.