Celebrate the New Year with excitement and joy, because 2024 is going to be a powerful, honorable, and lucky year! According to traditional Chinese culture, it is known as the “Year of the Wooden Dragon”, symbolizing power, nobility, honor, luck, and success. Get ready to unleash your inner fire-breathing power and embark on a journey of self-empowerment.

As we say goodbye to the challenges of the previous year, it’s time to reignite our spirits, spread our wings, and embrace a year of self-discovery and transformation. Just like legendary dragons, we all have hidden strength within us, waiting to be unleashed. This year, let’s awaken our inner Dragon and soar to new heights.

Let’s make 2024 a year of self-discovery, transformation, and fun, all while enjoying the beauty of the sea. Start by shedding your old skin and embracing a more fabulous version of yourself. Embrace the new year with positivity and love, as 2024 is the year of unapologetic self-love.

If luck is on your side and you enjoy gambling, why not try your hand at the new casino called Palamitas, located on Calle 13 right beside Peñasco Del Sol? It’s the perfect opportunity to test your luck on the many slot machines or card tables. Palamitas also offers a restaurant and a waterfront patio with breathtaking views. And if you’re reading this and happen to be in Rocky Point, consider yourself lucky to be in this special place where the desert meets the sea. If you’re not here, show yourself some self-love and book a future visit to the beautiful Sea of Cortez.

Honor yourself by taking time to make resolutions, gain spiritual insight, or set goals. The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to honor your physical body and start a healthy fitness program. Puerto Peñasco has numerous spas to choose from, offering massages, pedicures, manicures, facials, and body treatments. Whether you visit spa’s like Sonoran Spa, Enrique’s at Sonoran Sun, Las Palomas spa, Sonoran Sea, Lucy’s, Bella Vita, or my personal favorite, Balance Spa, being at the sea and taking care of yourself is always a great way to reignite your power and feed your soul. Balance Spa is a mobile spa that will come to your home or condo. Balance Spa states anyone who books an appointment in January and mentions this article, can receive 15% off their services for the month of January.

Exercise is another way to gain strength and power. Dance, yoga, and weights are excellent ways to build both physical and mental strength. Studio 52 Nia and Fitness Rocky Point is a new studio in Peñasco that offers Nia classes. Nia is a holistic movement practice that combines elements from martial arts, dance, and relaxation techniques. It’s a non-impact aerobics class that brings together body, mind, and soul. The great thing about Nia is it’s for everyone, all ages. Located off Avenida Campeche 2 on the road to the Mirador, give it a try and gain some strength and power in the New Year.

Another popular spot for self-love is Pro Fitness Gym over by Ley express, sign up for a membership and find a personal trainer.

Success —-speaking of dragons and breathing fires I think this new year may bring resolution or success to the crazy burning that happens at the dump. I read on Facebook news that several developers are going to get together in conjunction with the city dump, and stop the crazy fires from burning the trash. A year of self-love has to be one that stops the bad pollutants in the air. So, please get it together and stop the burning, this new year of the wooden dragon does not like fire in our beautiful clean air. Honor all of us and please follow through.

2024, the Year of the Dragon, is not only symbolic of power, honor, luck, and success, but it also represents the opportunity to visit the beach and bask in its beauty. So, let’s make this year a remarkable one filled with positivity, self-discovery, and unforgettable experiences. Embrace your inner Dragon and let it guide you to new heights of success and happiness.

Who knows maybe this year, we will see a happy dragon strutting down the beach.