Calling all families! My friend who rents out her condos to families, stated many visitors ask her “What is there to do for kids?” So, I thought I would compile a list of awesome things to do in Rocky Point with kids. If you’re searching for activities to keep your little adventurers entertained, look no further.

Here are the top 15 picks to turn your Rocky Point vacation into a family fiesta, plus a few bonus ideas:

  1. Make a Splash at Sea: Embrace the Sea of Cortez! Let your kids scream with delight on a thrilling banana boat ride, leaving cool ocean spray in their wake. After the adrenaline rush, build sandcastles fit for royalty and explore the tidal wonders at low tide. Don’t forget to cool down with a refreshing frozen ice cream bar being sold on the beach!
  2. Wrecked at the Reef: For a unique twist on a beach day, head to Wrecked at the Reef. This vibrant beachfront restaurant features corn hole and music, plus kid friendly food and eating on the beach! During the day is best for kids. Buy a kite and fly it!
  3. Explore the Ocean’s Mysteries: As the tide recedes, discover the wonders hidden beneath the surface. With a bucket and net, become junior marine biologists! Hermit crabs, sand dollars, and colorful shells will spark curiosity and ignite a love for the natural world. Don’t forget to check out all the different birds!
  4. Set Sail on a Sunset Adventure: Embark on a magical journey aboard a pirate ship or any of the family-friendly vessels available for a cruise. Sail into a fiery sunset, enjoying snacks and music.
  5. Malecon Munchies: Stroll along the lively Malecon, a seafront boardwalk teeming with food vendors, fish market and shopping. Let your kids indulge in the candy-colored treats and local flavors while experiencing the local vibe.
  6. Get Active on the Water: Feeling adventurous? Rocky Point offers a range of water activities for all ages. Kayak across calm turquoise waters in Cholla Bay. Older kids can test their skills with exhilarating jet ski rides!
  7. Explore the Desert Wonders: Venture beyond the beach and discover the otherworldly beauty of the El Pinacate y Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve. Stop at the visitor center to watch an informative movie about the region’s unique ecosystem. Pack a picnic and take a hike through volcanic rock formations.
  8. Sea Life Encounters: Delve into the underwater world at the CETMAR Aquarium in Las Conchas, where marine life native to the Sea of Cortez will dazzle your little ones. Make it a double science lesson and visit CEDO and take pictures of the giant whale skeleton, if they like dinosaurs, they will love CEDO.
  9. The World’s Aquarium: On the road trip down, head to and download a FREE Under the waves of the Sea of Cortez Activity book. It will help teach the kids a little bit about the sea of Cortez creatures and make sure to check out my new children’s series, “The Sparkling Adventures of Glowy the Fish” it is a picture book for children ages 3 to 7 about the Sea of Cortez, and a little fish named Glowy who brings inner joy and kindness to other sea creatures. It is available in both English and Spanish on Amazon.
  10. A Fiesta of Flavors at Jesse’s Caretta: Treat yourselves to a vibrant and delicious meal at Jesse’s Caretta. This lively restaurant features a colorful atmosphere and an extensive menu catering to all palates! Kids love eating here.
  11. Witness the Art of Tortilla Making: Visit a local tortilla factory and watch in fascination as skilled artisans transform simple ingredients into the heart of Mexican cuisine.
  12. Poolside Paradise: Relax and unwind in the comfort of a rented condo. Many condos boast sparkling swimming pools with lazy rivers or slides, creating a personal watery wonderland for your kids. Resorts with a Lazy River include Las Palomas, and Las Palmas has a slide and children’s water play area. Others have kiddie pools.
  13. Movie Time: Catch a flick at Cinépolis, where you’ll enjoy prices reminiscent of the 90s, fantastic popcorn, air conditioning, and comfortable seats!
  14. Sweet Treats: Discover one of the many charming Thrifty or ice cream shops sprinkled throughout Rocky Point, offering delightful refreshments for the whole family.
  15. Oyster Farm Adventure: For a truly authentic experience, visit a local oyster farm. (Drive past Las Conchas and look for the signs) watch the fishermen navigate the shallow waters as they harvest fresh oysters from sea to table.

It’s easy to create family memories in Rocky Point and learn about the treasures of the Sea of Cortez, make sure to take a lot of pictures and take time to relax on the beach.

“Not all classrooms have four walls. Go to the beach!”