Happy New Year 2024! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season. See you at the beach when the border opens. Please enjoy these photos of my dog. The end.

I was trying to decide whether to make this Editorial super long or super short. The latter won out though the wine told me many times that super long would be quite entertaining and worth the read. It would definitely bring on a bit of doxing and lots of time in secondary. I have to say that I’ve been wondering what my dad, Tom O’Hare, our first Editor would’ve written at this moment in time. It was my parents’ (Tom and Sandra O’Hare) policy to never discuss politics or religion in this tourist newspaper and I think we’ve been true to that for just about 33 years now, with a slip up here and there when things got really shitty. Kinda like how they are now. And while I have no desire to discuss politics it does seem as if both countries are giving us the middle finger. Or maybe they are giving it to each other, and we’re just caught in the crosshairs. It does seem that we’ve been getting the shaft from DHS for a while now between our shortened border hours “due to covid” to the near extinction of our extended holiday hours in 2023 to not returning to normal operating hours even though covid was declared to be “over” in May to this current shutdown with practically no advance notice. (Please wave to me when you see me in secondary.)

We are well into week 3 of access to our Lukeville/Sonoyta border crossing being completely shut down – well to us at least. I guess on a positive note they’ve shut it down during one of our slowest times of the year, tourist-wise which in turn seems to have allowed the time for Sonoyta to get crackin’ on our new port of entry facelift. (Timing does seem awfully suspicious – just sayin’.) There are way too many negative things to say about how this shutdown is impacting so many other people and small towns, but a crisis brings everyone together and we’re reminded of who the genuinely good people are. We’re also reminded that there are some folk we really don’t want to invite back to our little slice of paradise…just sayin’.

We don’t have any idea when the border will reopen and when we have solid proof, we’ll be the first to let you know. If the border is still shut down as you read this, which I’m guessing it will be, please make sure to double check any event you may want to attend. Due to not knowing when the border will open, we left everything stat for this month and will regroup come the February edition and figure out what everyone is doing and where everyone is at – for now we remain in limbo.

Have a super New Year wherever you are and hopefully you’re here at the beach supporting our local businesses and residents when they need you the most!!