cover1016Today it is sprinkling in Rocky Point. What!? It wasn’t much, but the gray skies were nice. Mom didn’t seem to mind as she dined on the deck at The Point, having lunch with Alicia and Mario. I never thought I would ever, ever say this, but I will not be sorry to see summer come to a close. I did spend a lot more time in the ocean this summer, and hopefully, by next year I will be paddle boarding. Hah! I did spend a fair amount of time out of Mexico, so I feel a little out of touch with what’s been going on so let’s just skip ahead to all of the events coming up, starting in October.

But first…

I must wish my Uncle Pat a very happy retirement and to say “it’s about time!!” He claims that he will be spending more time in Rocky Point. If so, we are in in for a treat because he is a super great person and funny as heck. All you single ladies watch out! When Tom was sick, Pat he let us all move into his house in Arizona along with all of the medical equipment and people coming and going at all hours. He will never know what that meant to us. That kind of family is just priceless. I wish many good things to come to him.

As most of you know our “season” here starts in October though I think we need to revise that. It seems the only time the town is a wee-bit slow anymore is in August, and maybe around the holidays. Soon that will all be a memory, once the home port is finished. I know many of you are still skeptic, but I have no doubt we will become a cruise ship home port…it’s just a matter of when. I did read that our Mayor said that the home port was delayed this summer due to labor disagreements, and now that they have been resolved, work on it will begin again soon. Speaking of our Mayor, Kiko Munro, he has published an email address (in the September issue) so that you can report any misconduct by our police department. It is very important for you to get officer’s name, badge or patrol case number. Anything that can identify the officer. This is another great service by this administration to make tourists and residents feel safer while they are here.

We are now in October with the holidays right around the corner so don’t forget that our merchants carry some very unique and wonderful gifts. And, of course, the Santa Claus Club is hosting some events and looking for your support. There is also a great article, in the September edition, about John Fowler and the Santa Claus Club. He works tirelessly all year round all to benefit the residents of Puerto Peñasco. Many of the people who have charitable organizations here, and many that don’t, spend countless hours year round to help the people and animals. Their hearts are so big and their dedication goes year round. They really deserve our support. You may read us online at by clicking on the orange ISSUU logo.

Note to John Fowler and Joe Anacleto: While I was in Canada this summer I heard of this game called “Ladder Golf”. I think it would be a good “sport” to add to JJ’s repertoire.

You can be in the “Cornhole” Tournament if you head out to JJ’s on October 29th – hey, it’s my birthday. Hmmmm. Tourney starts at 9:00 AM and benefits the Santa Claus Club. The El Golfo Run is October 15th through the 17th. If you haven’t been you really need to schedule a time to go since we probably won’t be able to goof off on the beach and through the desert forever. We goof off responsibly though, except maybe for Pat Macuilla. He is a troublemaker!

There are so many more events…so, so many…just look at the Events Page! Mermaid Market is a great place to look for holiday gifts and a little sumthin’, sumthin’ for yourself. If you haven’t made your reservations for the next Motorcycle Rally you need to get on it! Guaranteed to be bigger this year than last, and always lots of fun. Lots of cool bikes and great people. Same goes for Thanksgiving weekend. It is a super popular family vacation weekend, and rooms and condos fill up fast. Garage Sale and Auction for the Santa Claus Club in November. A good time for us residents to clean out our garage and fill up theirs! All of the information that you need is in this paper somewhere – or on Facebook. Speaking of, I just saw that the Rocky Point Times is rated excellent (on Facebook) for responding to messages with a wait time average of 5 minutes! Now that’s service my friends.

A couple quickies: Pane e Vino has moved to Whale Hill on top of FISH Restaurant, where the Sky Bar used to be. Great views, décor, drinks and awesome food. Mark Mulligan will be at the Pink Cadillac in October. Tickets are so cheap and he is so much fun to watch. Go and have fun. Lastly, you really need to go to the Malecon and take a selfie of you and the Peñasco letters. I first saw this done in Cabo – what a great idea. Go selfie and share with us on Facebook!

Looking forward to spending winter with you.