Hope everyone is having a great summer and soaking up the last of the hot weather. I am definitely looking forward to October and cooler weather. I have been bouncing around the States this summer in search of cool weather. In fact, as I write this, I am sitting in my brother’s kitchen at his house in Wisconsin where it is getting ready to rain.

I come up here every year around this time (except last year) to enjoy the weather, see the Packers play pre-season, and attend The Minnesota State Fair, which opens today with an 85% chance of rain and temp’s in the high 60s…sooooo excited! A couple weeks ago I was in Pinetop and the White Mountains enjoying the cool weather and rain there. It was my first time ever visiting that area – gorgeous. I know many of you spend the summer months up in that area and now I see why. A big thank you to Tom and Sandra Elliott (my 2nd set of parents 😊) for the use of their beautiful cabin and to Melody and Jazzy Nelligan for letting us girls take over their lake house. These were a couple of my “offices” this last month – not too bad, eh? I’ll bounce back in town for Labor Day Weekend and then hope to head over to Valle de Guadalupe for a few days to sample some wine and enjoy the cooler temperatures. Hoping the weather will turn perfect on October 1st – wouldn’t that be super?!!

I have been popping in and out of Puerto Peñasco all summer long, so I’ve had the chance to visit some of my favorite eateries and get pulled over by the Sonoyta cops. Yep, you read that right. I was pulled over…again! Wasn’t for speeding though since I’m (usually) pretty good at not speeding through the town, but instead for running a stop sign. Apparently, there is a stop sign at the Circle K/Hwy. 2 intersection: People going to Rocky Point go straight (and left) onto Hwy. 2 and if you make a right there, onto Hwy. 2, you head toward San Luis and Mexicali. I can honestly say that I have never, ever, ever stopped at that stop sign (turning right onto Hwy. 2) unless there is traffic coming and I have to wait for them to pass. (It’s kind of a free-for-all at that intersection when there are long lines as people always cut through the Circle K parking lot trying to get ahead of everyone waiting to turn left onto Hwy. 2.) Well, I did as I always do and made a right onto Hwy. 2 without stopping. I didn’t see the cop, but he saw me. I wouldn’t have stopped even if I did see him because I didn’t know there was a stop sign. It even took me a few blocks to notice his lights in my rearview. When he pulled me over, I was all ready to argue with him about not speeding but turns out that wasn’t the issue. So, long and short, it was actually a very pleasant experience overall – well, as pleasant as it can be being pulled over by the po-po. The officers were very professional, one spoke pretty good English and he informed me of my infraction and the associated fine which was $1500 pesos, $75 USD…WTH?! That’s expensive!! I asked him if I could pay my ticket at the bank, like I did for the one I got outside of Guerrero Negro, but he said that is only for the Federal Highway. He took my license and asked if I knew where the police station was…and when I said yes, he then asked me if I got a lot of tickets in Mexico. LOL Why, yes Officer, I do get pulled over a lot in Mexico…how did you guess? It was a bit humorous – guess me knowing to pay a ticket at the bank AND knowing where the Sonoyta Po-Po Station was, gave me away. We got to talking and, in the end, they left me off with a warning. Lucky am I. I wanted to include their photo in this Editorial to give them a little shout out, since I am always one to complain about the Sonoyta cops but thought it best that I ask their boss for permission first…so hopefully next month I’ll grab their photo. Lesson learned and stop sign acknowledged. I did go back to verify that there was an actual stop sign there – yep, there was…doh! Learn from my mistakes :).

I know it’s hard to think about Thanksgiving and Christmas when it’s still so hot outside, but I just want to remind everyone to make your reservations early – especially for busy weekends. Peñasco is busy all week long and people are not waiting until the last minute to secure their accommodations – so don’t be late to the beach! And while you’re in Rocky Point, hit up our local shops and the Mermaid’s Market to get your Christmas shopping done early. I’m off to the Minnesota State Fair!

See you in October when the fun really starts to happen! Check out our Events Page and visit our Facebook Page for the latest on what’s happening in Rocky Point.