Hola, gracias and baños. At one time, three words were my main staples of the Spanish language. If English is your first language, and you’re on vacation to visit Rocky Point, let me ask you a question, “When you’re out and about do you attempt to speak Spanish?” It’s okay, if you only know a few phrases, because trust me, I’ve been there and I’ve finally decided to do something about it.

There are many options to learn another language. Yes, you can take Spanish classes, study a book, or you can go to a small town in Mexico where they don’t speak English at all, and do a full immersion. However, if you are a frequent visitor of Puerto Peñasco, you have a perfect opportunity to practice and learn.

Statistics show that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. So, I have a challenge for you, what if you decide to create a new habit of spending 10 minutes a day learning Spanish. Can you imagine the improvement in your Spanish speaking skills if you commit to ten minutes a day for a month? It’s a great challenge to take and you can reward yourself for completion of this goal. My suggestion…complete the month challenge, improve your Spanish, and then plan a trip to Rocky Point and practice. Goal and reward.

How to get started?

I’ll load you up with a few options. There are several apps out there, free I might add, that can help improve your Spanish dramatically.

The one I’m currently using is Duo Lingo. A free version exists, and it takes less than ten minutes a day. I’m coupling the free ten-minute lessons on the app, with a free YouTube video series, Spanish Course for Beginners by Qroo Paul.

If apps aren’t your thing, then try signing into qroo.us or YouTube (it’s free), and search Spanish Qroo Paul, Spanish for retirees Living in Mexico. This FREE & FUN animated Spanish course will get you on your way to improving your Spanish.

Trust me you will be amazed. To begin, set 12 minutes of your time aside and watch the first two animated videos. In fact, if you commit to watching the first two videos, in the very first video you will realize you know hundreds of words in Spanish and by completion of the second video, you will learn 500 words in Spanish that mimic the English language with just a few tiny changes in pronunciation and a few techniques.

Qroo Paul has a Facebook group, website and YouTube channel. Paul who created the free course and videos was a Florida deputy sheriff for 25 years and during his service he created easy courses for other officers to learn conversational Spanish. When he retired after 25 years, he and his wife Linda moved from Florida and retired in Mexico, and he created free videos to help others learn Spanish.

Why would you want to do this? Well, I guess the question really is, why wouldn’t’t you? In this world of global business, international travel and the fact that you are reading this Mexico English newspaper right now, means you are a fan of Mexico and the mesmerizing Sea of Cortez. So, why not? Use this opportunity to be able to speak the native language of a country you love visiting, or possibly retire in, some day in the future.

Locals in  Rocky Point would be more than happy to help you practice. When you try to order your food, try to converse in Spanish. They may correct you, and help you along, but you’ll probably make a new friend just because you are trying to speak the native language. Rocky Point is a perfect place to practice. Go to the local grocery store and talk to everyone. Practice, practice, practice.

Here is a list of free smart phone apps, websites or YouTube channels. Most of them just require 10 minutes a day.


Duolingo free version – one language for free

Busuu -The free version has one great feature, conversation practice with native users!

Memrise is all about flashcards.



spanish-games.net -free Spanish games compete against your family


YouTube Channels

Qroo Paul– short, animated videos for people retiring in Mexico

Butterfly Spanish– free videos by sweet Anna Spanish for all levels

You live a new life for every language you speak. If you know only one language, you live only once.” – Czech proverb