Happy sweaty August. I’m not going to complain too much because we did have an awesome year weather wise and the humidity just started hitting us late last month. I’m just going to write a short paragraph since I am headed out of town for a family reunion and to spread some of my Mom’s ashes over the lake in Lake Havasu City. We had many great years hanging out on the lake and she and Tom loved Lake Havasu City before moving to Mexico. Back in the 1970’s, Tom started the Desert Sports Shop, a sporting goods store, and then in the 80’s and 90’s Mom and Tom published The Local Business Directory, which were very successful yellow page directories covering many cities in Arizona, California and Nevada. In the early 90’s they moved to Rocky Point and the rest is history as they say. So, I thought it appropriate that part of her stays where she had great times. So, that’s why Mario will be writing the rest of the Editorial because I will be out on the lake in the boat or floating on our “party float”.

Wanted to give Chef Tony Acuña of Infusion del Golfo, the new restaurant at Laguna Shores Beachfront Resort, a big hand for a fantastic dinner last month. Infusion invited three guest chefs and we had a fantastic 6-course dinner wine pairing. I think it was probably 4 courses, but I just counted them all as dishes because they were fabulous. There were about 80 people in attendance, and we had a great time at our table with John and Kathy Witt and John and Fabiola Hibbert. A really fantastic event for Rocky Point so be sure to join in on the next one! I hope to get an article in this month, but I had a lot of wine so it might be kind of vague ?.

I wanted to let you homeowners know that CFE and other companies can install solar power for your home. A few months ago, we had a company come out of Caborca and install panels and a reverse meter on our home at Laguna Shores and it’s working fantastically. Our power bills have been super high, and now with the reverse meter we are making more power than using, so it has been well worth the investment for us. You can call the office for the info of the solar company we used, or you can contact CFE and see what they offer.

On a final note, I’m happy to say that we will be getting our AMPI article back into every issue. AMPI is the local (and national) real estate association and their members have gone to real estate school, received their “Diplomado”, and know the laws and rules and have the answers to your questions. If you are looking to invest in Rocky Point, do your homework! All righty then, I’m off – hope you all have a great August.


Hello everyone, I AM BACK! And happy to be writing again, hope everyone is doing great. We’ve begun August and the first thing I can think of is the humidity and the heat. I would like to be on vacation now like you, but we’ve had lots and lots of work at the office, and more work at our NEW office! We have worked 10 to 12 hours every day trying to get everything done, and soon it will be done, we are just at the end and the last touch ups. To tell you the truth, it has not been easy at all – lots of coordinating and supervising. About 10 years ago Tom and Sandy bought the lots and we finally decided that, instead of renting again, we could build our own brand new, smaller office, and I say smaller but it’s really not that small. The new office is located off of Samuel Ocaña and Ave. Agustin Melgar. There is a taco place right on the corner and that is pretty convenient for all of us, we can just order tacos through the back door and maybe will get special service and get them delivered right to our door ? You will be able to see the office from afar as Lannette and Alicia picked a pretty “colorful” color. It’s a dark burgundy almost, like the bugambillia flower. Now that I complained about all the hard work and that it has not been easy doing all this work, I would like to thank my friend Saul David Ruiz Reyna for pointing me in the right direction to get our construction permits and other paperwork. And another friend that works for OOmapas (Water Company) Efrain Briseño, for helping us with all the connections of the sewer and water lines. Surprisingly there was no sewer system installed in the area where the lots are, so that was another show on its own. We had to connect the lines from the lot to the boulevard, and that was more digging with heavy machinery. Back to the actual new building, the office will be a bit smaller, or just not as spacious, but we will be keeping the library for all of those who were worried. Since the new one will be smaller we will be having a “Book Sale” event on August 16th to help Barb’s Dog Rescue, so even if you don’t want to buy a book, you are welcome to come by the office and donate. The animals at the rescue will be forever grateful.

We will also be receiving any other donations like clothing, toys, shoes, bedding, misc. The parking at the new office will be much better and bigger. Our old office is now getting a little crowded with the big new restaurant opening next door, so that is another positive thing for everyone. You can check our city map and see where the new office will be, Betty our graphic artist has added the streets and logo so you can’t miss it. And we will still be working on our new and improved map.

Getting back to what’s happening around town, we have had lots and lots of national tourism and surprisingly a lot of international tourism too, which is great news for our small paradise. Kids are out of school for the summer, so we are seeing a lot of families vacationing. The snowbirds had fled, but they will return in the fall and we will welcome them with open arms. Most of the RV people we get are from the U.S. and Canada, and I know many get subscriptions so just wanted to say “hello” to all of you and see you soon. We know you miss having a cold one at JJ’s Cantina. And before I forget, I would like to say hi to our friends Mike and Samantha Bosnick, they are wonderful friends, who love to promote Rocky Point and read us every month.

Something else that is coming to Peñasco, that will be excellent for our city, is the repairing and improving of the Highway to Caborca. Our City and the City of Caborca have gotten together and plan to expand and repair the highway that takes you out to Playa Encanto and Mayan Palace and other communities. They will together ask the State Government for the funds and hopefully they approve it. This is a much-needed solution as the area between here and the Almejas Aduana has dangerous pot holes and we have had many accidents in that same area. Another problem the City has is burning trash at the dump – it’s a health hazard for all of us so we call upon our City Mayor Kiko Munro and city health officials and authorities to please resolve this problem. We love to talk about all the good things happening around town but sadly this is a real problem we can ignore no more. And lastly, I would like to wish Alicia a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY – I will make sure she has a great day!

Until next time…Drive Safe!