Cover0714Where to start? Where to start? So many things going on in Rocky Point, so much has happened and so many things coming up – this is getting to be a full time job keeping up! We didn’t get into this business to work all of the time, as evidenced in Tom’s July 1996 Editorial. I do believe that Sandy’s Birthday celebrations that year were some of the most memorable times – it was 2+ weeks of friends, family, ATV’s (ATC’s back then), partying, hitting the beach, boating to San Felipe, train station tacos, Playa Bonita Happy Hours, JJ’s Cantina cherry bombs, lunch and drinks at Manny’s, dinner at Margaritavilla and sunsets at La Casa del Capitan. I could go on, but a lot of you remember those days and still have quite a few of your own. Reading old Editorials brings back some great memories.

Okay, wow so here we are in July now and we are very much looking forward to the 3rd Annual Casino Night for charity at the Sonoran Sky on July 5th starting at 7:00 PM. Break out the ball gowns and black ties and come have a great night of local casino action. It will be lots of fun. There is no dress code…you should know that by now! Tickets are $35 and include a buffet dinner, raffle ticket and $300 in chips. Feel free to deposit them in my pocketbook on your way in because I am taking down the house! Woohoo! Craps anyone?

I know a lot of you come down for 4th of July celebration and just can’t help stopping at the fireworks stands around town. Make sure you give Red Cross a donation on your way into town so that they can come fix you when you blow something off. Just a warning to be smart and be careful and watch your children and pets. Fireworks do not always shoot up in the air like they are supposed to, and the fuse doesn’t always give you enough time to run a safe distance, so be smart and be safe. For those of you who bring pets, please remember that they are in a strange place and with all the noise that fireworks make they sometimes want to bolt when they are scared.

Having the luxury, most of the time, to leave Mexico on any day of the week I have no idea why I picked a Sunday. And it wasn’t even the Sunday after Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers took over the town – that was a Monday I left and YES a line at the border. Ugh. Monday was only about a half hour wait while the Sunday was well over an hour in the afternoon. It is time to start planning your trips wisely and come early and stay late or leave before you have a line up at the border. The Sonoyta police are still…years later…cramming traffic into 3 lanes where only 1 exists so those who have been waiting in line for an hour or more get really pissed off when people start riding up the right hand lane cutting traffic. Please know that it is the police (99% of the time) that force traffic to use the shoulder. I can see their logic that making one line into three shortens the traffic through town, but they do not take into consideration line cutting, which most of us do not look kindly upon. I even argued with a policeman, a very friendly one, who wanted me to form a third line. I told him that there wasn’t any room. His response was sure there was…see…as he pointed to the empty spot in front of me. “But”, I said, “then everyone gets mad because we have been waiting so long and you let other people cut in front of us.” He said, “Are you mad?” I said no. And he smiled. Ah, I could’ve choked him. I’m not mad, but the person behind me is livid and I don’t want to be in the middle of lane rage. I do not see them ending this practice anytime soon so don’t be a jackhole and ride the bumper of the person in front of you. Try to merge as best you can. One car goes, one car comes in, one car goes, one car comes in. See, simple. Yes I get mad too, but I understand it is not the driver’s fault when they are being instructed by the police But once you are in that position try to have consideration for the person to your left who has been in line maybe an hour longer than you. I think you can be kind and merge behind me instead of squeezing in front of me. Oops, I slipped from third to first person there. My bad. Internet is everywhere now so you can check border wait times before you leave Puerto Peñasco by logging onto

Boomer Fest Days have had their ups and down, but seem to (hopefully) be on track now with their October 8th – 12th dates and the giant sign on Sandy Beach which touts 5 days of fun with 21 bands, comedians, charity golf tournament, classic car and motorcycle exhibit as well as food and wine festival and much more. For more information on the five day festival visit their website at

The Bomberos finally have their own beautiful statue, “El Bombero Heroico”. Though it is not made out of brass like originally planned, the stone carving was wonderfully sculpted by Roberto Ledesma Avila and was dedicated on June 13th of this year. The local firemen do so much for the community so it is nice to see them get some recognition.

A lot of you who live here full time, or visit a lot, and used to visit chiropractor Dr. French when he was here will be happy to know that besides Alphabiotista, Dr. Armenta (044-638) 107-5142, who is open during the week from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM, there is a Tucson based chiropractor who visits the area and does $20 adjustments. Dr. Tory Brooks comes once a month and you can make an appointment by calling Ashley Sanchez or Karen Connor at CANVAS Hair and Beauty Studio at 383-1161 or stop by their shop on Blvd. Fremont in Plaza Melanie No. 107. Dr. Brooks does not have a set date so just leave your contact info and someone will get in touch with you when a date for the month has been set.

Back by popular demand…RUMORSVILLE!!! Here’s a little sample of what we expect you to send to us (

* Sandys way to keep her dishes and silverware spotless is to always eat out

* had to sit in a bag of ice at Canvas Hair and Beauty Salon…while getting her hair colored red, from blond.

*Calle 13 (where the Marlin Monument points the way to the beach) will soon be open to one-way traffic only

Be safe out there and STAY COOL!