Events! Events! Events! It’s so great to see so many events happening in Rocky Point. April was super busy as is May and June is shaping up to be a great month too. If you’ve been down in the last few months, and came down on a Friday, or had to go home on a Sunday, then you know how busy we’ve been since you’ve most likely waited in some border traffic. It’s definitely the time to start planning your trip(s) against the flow of heavy weekend traffic – come early and stay late – but watch holiday weekends and heavy event laden weekends since those Monday’s have seen heavy border traffic as well. Remember that our border at Lukeville/Sonoyta is still closing at 8:00PM and opens at 6:00AM. The WhyNot Travel Store’s Facebook Page is always great about updating the traffic situation along Hwy. 85, so be sure you like and follow their page.

You can tell everyone is missing their concerts and live music performances – I know I am! Our calendar has been packed with great music events and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon. Yay! Last month the S.O.B.S. Songwriter’s Festival was a big hit – Roger Clyne was in town as were The Black Moods and lots of local joints are featuring live music during the week as well as on the weekends. This month Margarita Mermaids is hosting both Sam Rainwater and Mark Mulligan and there is a two-day Jazz Festival happening between and around Playa Bonita and Laos Mar. The Mermaid’s Market with be featuring some Zydeco music at their season finale “Pirate and Mermaid Fiesta”. Next month Funky Bonz will be playing at Bandito’s and then mid-month we’ll be welcoming back Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers annual music-fest “Circus Mexicus”, which always features a ton of artists at venues all across town. I’m sure more events will pop up between now and then as well. You can catch local happenings on our Events Page on Page 8. (If you know of an event or are hosting an event, please let us know so we can get you included.) Covid safety protocols are still in place so seating at most venues will probably be limited, so be sure and secure your tickets as early as possible. (There are rumors circulating that our city curfew will be lifted soon so…fingers crossed.) If you’ve been missing live music, then head on down to the beach!

I have to apologize for not continuing with Part II of my Santo Tomas article – it’s been a crazy month and I just haven’t had time to do the article justice. But I did take an overnight trip down there in April and had a fantastic time chatting with Tom Crewse and Doug Oberg. We hung out, cruised the beach, and had a fantastic meal at MamaChita’s, the on-site restaurant at Santo Tomas. Also had a fantastic sunset and a night filled with the most stars I’ve ever seen! I’m going to try to make it down again this month to spend a couple nights and I highly recommend you go visit as well. If you can’t overnight it (they do have rentals), then take a day trip down there – it’s an easy ride and you need no special permits of any kind – and there was only a small patch of potholes. The beach is absolutely gorgeous out there and there is SOO much of it! Santo Tomas itself is so peaceful and there is even a winery close by…bonus! It would definitely be a great place to spend Mother’s Day.

Speaking of Mother’s Day (May 9th in the U.S. and May 10th in Mexico), I would like to say thanks to my Mom, Sandra O’Hare. She is no longer with us, but May was always her month – a month of celebrating her birthday and Mother’s Day and whatever else she could milk out of us! Thanks to her and my Dad, Tom O’Hare, we’ve all had this great little tourist newspaper around for over 30 years now. The paper was already in somewhat of an existence before they got their hands on it, but they definitely worked hard to turn it into what it is today. It’s exclusively for Puerto Peñasco – for tourists and residents – to make your trip more enjoyable, informative and fun. We do our best to keep you informed of local events taking place as well as local development. Not only does it provide useful information, but it also aids you in locating local merchants. It has always been designed with you in mind and is free of charge with the compliments of the business community whose advertising makes it possible. We hope you like the RPT, use it, tell your friends, and pass is along. We deliver to Ajo and Lukeville so you can grab a copy and read it in the car on your way down (obviously not if you’re the one driving!). And if you can’t make it down as often as you’d like, we mail out monthly subscriptions, so you don’t have to miss a month. (Our contributing writers are an awesome bunch as well.)

We understand a lot of you aren’t on social media, don’t use the internet often or at all, and may just want to completely unplug while you’re in Rocky Point, so we’re here for you. Feel free to call our office anytime with questions you may have and look for the paper at all of your favorite resorts and businesses. Please show your appreciation for making The Rocky Point Times available for you for over 30 years by visiting the businesses who advertise in here and let them know you saw their ad in The Rocky Point Times. We appreciate all of you and hope to be around for another three decades…yikes…that’s a long time! Wonder what Rocky Point will look like then?

We’d like to wish every Mother out there a Happy Mother’s Day and we hope you all have a great month and we’ll see you at the beach where the weather has been fantastic!