Today is Wednesday and, for me, it’s the longest day of the week. I think that is true for most of us who wish it was Friday…especially when you live at the beach. My name is Marco, even though most of you know me as Mario, and I am in charge of ad sales and other jobs here at the RP Times. This will be my very first Editorial, after writing 2 or 3 articles for the paper. I have been wanting to write it for a long while, but just never could find the time. Hopefully this one makes it to print, and Lannette will get a break this month from having to write the August Editorial. I did try to make a deal with her ($$) but I don’t think I convinced her Jaja. As you read this, we are into one of our hottest months, August, and we all hope it’s over soon! For the 3 last years, while I have been working here, I have seen many things, some good, some bad, but on the most part, good. Life here in Peñasco is good and we have seen a huge rise in our economy over the last 3 years, which makes everyone happy, from local businesses owners to tourists. I would like to thank everyone who visits us from America, Canada and other parts of Mexico, and of course, our visitors from other parts of the world.

This year, like the five years prior, we were invited to the Annual Las Vegas Night for Charity at the Sonoran Sky Resort. As always, the event was fun, entertaining and it’s nice to see all the friendly faces. We were told that the goal was reached and the Sonoran Resorts will be donating the money to deserving, local charities. As always, thank you Sonoran Resorts, Jim Ringquist and staff for all the great work you guys do to make this event possible, and for helping those who need it the most. I also want to mention Mark Olszewski, Brenda Sabo and Juan Carlos and ex Diamond Back baseball player Shea Hillenbrand and his wife for volunteering in this wonderful event.

That same weekend we were able to see the arrival of hundreds and hundreds of cars packed with families to come and enjoy the 4th of July at our beaches, we saw car license plates from Arizona, California, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico and many plates from other states of Mexico, like Sinaloa and Chihuahua. This is the time of the year when we see more national tourism due to the fact that the kids are out of school and have their summer vacation. The city reported that we received around 100k tourists, but Calle 13 looked like Semana Santa Weekend, so I am thinking maybe it was even more than that.

We are so proud to say that Puerto Peñasco was certified by the Federal Government as a clean beach, even thou we get thousands and thousands of tourists, our city has managed to keep our beaches clean, so please enjoy them. Thank you for continuing to help in keeping them as clean as possible.

As you all know we have one of the best tourist destinations in the State of Sonora, we have great resorts, from Mayan Palace to the Sonoran Resorts and I am happy to say that we are a safe destination, but I would like to mention that, just like any other city or town you visit, please keep your personal values or belongings out of sight if you really have to leave them inside your car, you never know! Also have to remind everyone that just like when you get to Ajo and the speed limit drops, it’s the same way in Sonoyta, so drive slow, be patient and courteous and you will be home in no time without having to pay a speeding ticket.

We do have good news, authorities have informed us that soon a second northbound lane will be opening at the Lukeville border, so crossing the border will hopefully be faster and we won’t have to wait in line for miles and miles when we have a busy weekend.

I have many things to talk about but I do have a limited word count (mi Jefa!) but if you have any questions please call us here at the office (638) 383-6325 or email us at, if we don’t know the answer we will find out the right information for you. From where to eat to who has the best tacos, fish or camarones or the best dessert, where to go or sunset cruises, contact us by phone or email, if you can’t find us at the office, we might be out working hard (eating lunch) to bring you the best tourism information…before I forget, I want to mention that we will be celebrating our 25th Anniversary this coming November, 25 years of hard work and bringing you the best tourist information for you and your family, don’t forget that we are the only paper that is mailed directly to your home in the U.S. every month.

Another busy weekend that it’s coming up in September is Labor Day Weekend, so if you haven’t made your room reservations, call Sea Side Reservations or Mar de Cortez Rentals and book now, as we know the best rentals go first.

And right after, we will be doing our 43rd El Golfo 4×4 Run on Friday, October 6th, 7th and return on Sunday the 8th, for our “Survivors Party” at a local restaurant. If you would like to participate and need all the details, email Sandy and Alicia at, and they will give you the info. As I do every year, I will also be looking forward to Thanksgiving Day dinner at Wayne and Lannette’s beach house in Laguna Shores. Remember, many of our local restaurants serve a traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings, so watch this paper, and make your reservations early in the month.

Also our 17th Annual Bike Rally is happening, so mark your calendars and make your room reservations for November 9th thru the 12th as we hear hotels and resorts are packing up. Also would like to mention that we will been having our very first Pickle Ball Tournament, Saturday November 1st, you can visit South Side Jillz at the end of Calle 13 for more info and the location.

To end the editorial I will like to let you know lots of street repairs is going on this month, but one street we are very happy to see it getting some TLC is Blvd Josefa. The city has been working hard on replacing and adding street signs, patching potholes and many needed road repairs and they did announce that the funding to repair the Peñasco-Caborca Hwy, has been approved. We know many of you travel to the Mayan Palace and like to visit the oyster farms, so soon the road will be much safer…Don’t forget to LIKE our Facebook page and remember to visit and click on the Issuu bottom to read the online version of the RPTimes!

Thank you for reading!

Marco Mario