Hello, hope you are all doing well. I am writing the editorial again this month to let you know some of what’s happening around town. I would like to thank everyone who congratulated me on last month’s editorial. It really did motivate me, and proof of that is, I am writing it once more.

August was a hard month for me. The reason I say that is because the humidity really got to me. I checked the weather apps and it looks like we had around 40% to 65% humidity most days. But, even though the month was hot and humid, we still received lots of tourists. We asked around and there wasn’t a free room in town, especially at the resorts where you have the beach and the best panoramic views of the Mar de Cortez. I would like to remind everyone that we have smaller hotels in town, they don’t have the view but they are pretty close to the beach, they are clean and affordable, whenever you can’t find a room at the big resorts, be sure to check them out.

I am happy to let you know that the city is looking much better, as the streets are getting a much needed re-carpeting. Every day I drive around all over town and I can already see a difference, especially on Blvd. Josefa, which I know is the route for many tourists and residents to Las Conchas. I am so glad that the city is working on paving and repaving our streets. Kids are back in school, so remember to drive carefully around school areas, as most of the children don’t look both ways before crossing the street.

Labor Day Weekend is coming, and we already know that there will be lots and lots of people in town. Many tourists and visitors from our sister State of Arizona will be here, and from California and, of course, lots of Texas plates will be seen around town.

And before I forget, the Satisfied Frog will be hosting a Fundraiser event for the Disabled in Puerto Peñasco on Saturday Sept. 2nd. They will have Live Music, food and Crazy Ed will donate $1usd from each and every margarita sold. OTHER DONATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED ALL DURING THE MONTHS OF SEPTEMBER AND NOVEMBER. When you stop by, please try to bring any of the following, if you can, it will be much appreciated; crutches, adult diapers, non-perishables, wheelchairs, clothing items and tips for crutches.

This month is a month of celebration for the Mexican people, anyone who loves our culture, and those who like to participate in cultural events. It will be the 207th commemoration of the Mexican Independence Day. Lots of food and drinks, music, dancing, and fireworks will begin on the night of Friday the 15th of September (El Grito) at City Hall. Streets will be blocked around the building from around 3PM on the 15th, to allow the people to actually dance in the streets. The 16th is a National Holiday, so remember that banks will be closed, as well as many businesses in town. This holiday is family friendly. The town gathers around City Hall around (9 or 10PM, depends on the Mexico City time) to give the “grito” (shout) Viva Mexico!! Many families start arriving around 6 or 7PM to enjoy the food, like elotes, cocteles, churros and tamales.

Another thing I would like to talk about is the Zip Line. As I am writing this editorial, we have no date as to when it will be re-opened. Unfortunately there was a minor accident last month, so hopefully they can fix and enforce all of their security measures, and the Zip Line will be up and running soon, as it is a great tourist attraction added to our beautiful port.

Another event we just had was the sand drags at Pista Los Patos. We didn’t have enough notice to publish it in the August issue but we will let you know for sure when the next event will be. If I am not wrong, this event has been going on for about 25 years. I believe that they were first done at Competition Hill, but have been at Pista Los Patos since the year 2000. Pista Los Patos is on the east side of the Highway to Sonoyta. We will make sure we post a map for you, when they let us know of future events.

We still have a water problem in town, low pressure is the main problem. My advice, or tip, is that if you have a water tank on the roof of your house, it will probably be best if you set it on the ground, so as to fill more easily. We had this problem at our house before, and this worked out perfectly for us.

Sept. 30th is the Annual Black and White Ball, at the Municipal Convention Center.

The Ball benefits the local DIF. Tickets are on sale now, and you can call their local office number at (638) 383-6145 for information.

Another major event which we will be hosting right here in Puerto Peñasco, is the First Sonora /Arizona Commission, which will be held Nov. 30th thru Dec. 1st. The mission is to improve the economic prosperity for both states. Hopefully we will hear good news about our Home Port.

I cant wait for Fall to be here. Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons of the year, as we say goodbye to the hot summer and get ready to go camping at the Pinacate. We’ve been there 3 or 4 times, and we go during the cold months. We cannot camp during the summer, as the volcanic rock is steaming hot. We camp in an area called “El Tecolote” or “The Owl”. You can take all of your camping gear, and set up camp there. Bring your food, drinks, and maybe a good book. We have seen many Americans camping there. Don’t worry about security as they have security patrolling the areas. Since the Pinacate is the largest volcanic area in the world, and a Biosphere Reserve, and was also declared as World Heritage, it has military security, also. If you are into stargazing, here you can see lots of stars, satellites and maybe hear a coyote howling at night. It is only about $5dlls per person. Don’t forget to bring your telescope.

Hopefully Lannette will not be so busy next month (with her new paddle board!!), and she can write the October editorial. It’s not that I don’t like writing the editorial, but we have not come to an agreement ($$) just yet. lol.

Stay safe, drive safe and enjoy our little paradise…Marco