Hi to all! It’s October and the heat is gone! It was a hot summer here in RP, I think this has been one of the hottest for me. We are a few days from starting to drink hot chocolate in the mornings, here at the office. It seems to me that Rocky Point doesn’t get so cold, or maybe I’m used to a different kind of cold. I was born in Caborca, where temperature gets pretty extreme. In the summer temperatures go up to 121°F and winter doesn’t get any better, we have temperatures around -28-33 F°. Caborca is about 100 miles south of Peñasco, and before I start talking about Rocky Point, let me tell you that the asparagus season is coming, I’m sure you have seen the endless fields of asparagus when you drive south. I’m sure there are a lot of people that love this vegetable as much as I do. You can see around mid-December that people start selling the asparagus on our street corners.

Shrimping season started back in mid-September and lots of locals and visitors got to see the shrimp boats leave one by one until the dock looks pretty empty. We are hoping that this shrimping year is as good as, or better than, last year. It has been a great start of the season for our state, and Guaymas/San Carlos and Empalme have had a great start, also. Some of you don’t know, but our boats travel down south and then drag back their nets full of shrimp until they can unload. It takes about a month for them to travel back and forth to see their families for a couple of days and then they go off to the sea again. I have a couple of friends who are fishermen and they have told me that they need the water to be really cold, that way the shrimp go down to the bottom of the ocean and that is where the nets are ready to pick them up. For us the more tons they catch, the better for us consumers, as the price of the kilo is more accessible for everyone.

Lots of events coming for October, we will be having the El Golfo Run Oct 6-7-8where we see new faces and the many who that have joined us on the run many times. According to my phone app, we should have great weather for those days. The run is always fun and we are more prepared each year, so if you would like to join the run email Sandy and Alicia at rockypointtimes@yahoo.com, there is no cost to join.

That same weekend of the 6th – 8th, one of the best restaurants in town, that would be Tekila Bar, will be having their 2nd Anniversary with lots of music. They will be having live rock, pop and country bands. And just like they say, “From the creators of, Tekila Bar”, they have also taken under the management the famous Shark Bite Restaurant. Shark Bite is now OPEN after doing an intense remodeling, and the place looks fantastic. They have been a famous Spring Break spot and we are sure they will be ready for the next one.

Also happening on that same weekend, Oct. 7th, will be Plaza Fabiola’s 3rd Annual Fashion Show on Rodeo Drive.

Dirty Beach Mud Run will be Oct. 21st, it’s always a fun event, if you haven’t tried it this is the time. The event is done at Sandy Beach and they set up a 5K obstacle course, and don’t forget they offer a discount for early registration.

Oyster House will be having its first Oyster Festival in Cholla Bay Oct. 28th, they will be having all-you-can-eat oysters, which is probably the best part. I know we won’t be missing this event.

Don’t forget that the Cornhole Tournament to benefit the Santa Claus Club will be at JJ’s Cantina, also on Oct. 28th.

Another important event this month is Lannette’s birthday, not sure how old she will be but probably around 62! Just kidding!! We wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY! In advance from all of us here at the office. So those are a few great events you can’t miss.

I would like to end the editorial with a big THANK YOU to our American/Canadian community that live and visit us, for all of their donations this year. We have lots of people in need in this town and we thank you for your generosity. I would also like to remind everyone that Halloween is right around the corner and the local kids are always happy and excited to receive candy, cookies or sweets, so I want to thank all of our local businesses, stores, restaurants, pharmacies and everyone else that contributes to making kids happy this day. It is always so fun to see what kind of costumes they come up with.

October is a very busy month, and don’t forget that the Mermaids Market is back on every 1st and 3rd Saturday from October thru April at the Shrimp Park on Blvd. Benito Juarez and Fremont.

The 17th Annual Bike Rally is almost here!! This is probably our biggest event of the year, lots and lots of motorcycles, and we are very happy that the city repaved and repaired potholes on many of the bad streets, that means less accidents, less damages and that equals to more time to have fun.

Don’t forget to check our events calendar in this issue and on our Facebook Page, Rocky Point Times Newspaper. If you go to a page with our name, but there is some guy on a watercraft with his dog, it is a fake. Our official Page always has our current cover shot at the top. There are always so many things happening around our town and not enough space to write about them all, so keep in touch. Everyone have fun, and stay safe!