March15_CoverHow fortunate are we here in Rocky Point? Do you find you are pinching yourself several times a day thinking how did I get this lucky? The weather has been super fantastic and so many new things are blooming – guess that’s why they call it spring. And spring brings us to spring break, which I swear is getting earlier and earlier every year – this year commencing on the 5th of March. I am hoping for the fantastic weather to continue and for Rocky Point businesses to have a most prosperous spring break and Semana Santa, which runs from March 29th through April 5th. I think Semana Santa has taken over as the popular, more interesting of spring breaks. The streets are packed day and night, the drivers are just nutso, and you’ve never seen so many people on Competition Hill or the Malecon in Old Port. If you have never ventured to Competition Hill during Semana Santa make this year the year to get a look-see. You can catch action from previous years on YouTube. The natives do know how to party and have a good time. And the whole family is usually along for the vacation which is so great. I love to see grandma on the beach under the umbrella watching the babies surrounded by tons of family, friends and coolers! I’m looking forward to taking Tom’s yellow buggy out this year…maybe even let it make a run up Competition Hill.

Unfortunately we have some very untimely street construction (the road going into Old Port is being torn up and redone) that will be going on during spring break and Semana Santa so it may be more fun to cop a squat there on the side of the road and watch the traffic. I don’t know why the city decided to start it in February, right before one of our busiest months, but it’s done now so just take extra care and have a lot of patience when heading down to Old Port. I used to think it was just extremely poor planning or lack thereof until someone told me it is usually because of the elections – those in office want to get a much done before their term us up. I chose to believe that rather than we have the absolute worst city planners in the entire world. (I will probably receive a lot of grief for that!) But, hey, the new roads do look great! And you can now get all the way from Calle 13 to the Old Port on Luis Encinas with only 1 big drop. They are currently working on the north end of Benito Juarez/Hwy 8 so those coming into town will have to divert onto Josefa Ortiz or Samuel Ocaña and go around the section from that intersection to the Sam’s Club, that is currently being worked on.

This month we had fantastic news that Ramon Ramos was back with a new restaurant on “Rodeo Drive” called Mariachis and Tequila. We attended the pre-opening on February 13th and are really looking forward to going back. I think he and his business partner, David, who owns Kokopelli across the street will do fantastic. AND, our beloved Gaston Rochin has reopened El Delfin Amigable – The Friendly Dolphin. I considered the Delfin a landmark like La Cita Café and La Curva and the Capitan and it was sad when it closed down. We all look forward to enjoying Gaston and The Friendly Dolphin once again and wish him the best of luck. And speaking of landmarks, Chef Luca of Pane e Vino has “taken over” the Lighthouse and has completely redone the menu and opened (on February 25th) under the name Fish Seafood Restaurant – Bar. I do admit the name sounds a little funny to me, but I know the food will be outstanding and you certainly can’t beat the view. Go and check it out – Sandy will be posting soon on Facebook – she’s currently taking a little vacay. Oh, and we have a new place called Frenchy’s that will be open by the time you read this. It is located (the back way to Sandy Beach – that goes by Playa Bonita) on Ave. Plutarco Elias Calles.

Many of you may have noticed that while the entire U.S. is basking in very low gas prices, we in Peñasco are all riding bicycles and scooters. Yes, gas is still expensive down here and it stinks. I have seen people get carloads of containers of gas and bring them down – no, not safe at all. I hate to tell people not to patronize local businesses, but I don’t want you to have a coronary when you go to the gas pump here. I filled up today ($60 USD) and didn’t think it was all that much, but I haven’t enjoyed the low U.S. gas prices as much as a lot of you have. Gas is much cheaper in Sonoyta so you can always fill up there. Border towns get cheaper gas prices. There has been a movement to get Peñasco recognized (gas wise) as a “border town” and I hear that there may be some action at main offices in the bigger cities. I don’t want to say which ones for fear I give them a heads up. Jk (look it up). But it is a real problem here and everyone is fed up paying high gas prices.

On a positive note – that same grapevine tells me that us locals (anyone that pays an electric bill) will hopefully see cheaper electric rates soon. We are currently at a 1E and are going to a 1F and all I know is that it means I may be able to run the central air all summer long. Yeehaw! Yes, electric is expensive here as well – thank goodness we have cheap food and drink!

On a final note I would like to wish our Forever Editor, Tom O’Hare a Happy Birthday. Another birthday we must celebrate without you, but you are forever in our hearts. Have a great spring break everyone and get out there and enjoy some activity – relive a day or two of your youth – go a little nuts and have a fun and safe time in Puerto Peñasco.