Cover0415The weather has been absolutely perfect and Spring Break was fantastic for the town pumping life into some hot spot faves in Mirador, which was great to see. Semana Santa will be upon us soon and it should bring even more people than Spring Break. It’s the time of the year when lots of people flock to Rocky Point because, well, it’s awesome here: So many events, the weather is wonderful, we have “The World’s Aquarium”, and you can still find unexpected pleasures and adventure.

I recently read an interesting article about an adventure cruise on the Sea of Cortez. The trip sounded fantastic but left me shaking my head because all of the “adventures” these people were paying for (big bucks I assume), Rocky Point visitors can experience on the cheap, if not free. Perhaps “shaking my head” is not the right description: I just felt incredibly lucky to have been introduced to Rocky Point and the Sea of Cortez early in my life. And for millions of people all of this wonder and adventure is just a short drive away and you don’t have to spend big bucks to vacation here…so spread the word!

Driving around town can often be an adventure for new visitors and even for those of us who have been here for a long time. Last week you couldn’t make a left-hand turn on Calle 13, but this week you can. This truly leaves me shaking my head. In spite of road construction and “things” changing, we do have some standard laws and “things” you should commit to memory. I know missing stop signs are a big problem around town so always use caution, slow down, and look on opposite corners to see if that stop sign is still standing. Believe it or not, Mexico is the same as other countries and you will be fined for various traffic violations such as driving without your seatbelt on, speeding, drinking and driving, etc. And don’t think just because “they” did it, you can do it too. One complaint of local police is that we are not coming to a full stop at stop signs (guilty!). They consider a three-count to be a full stop. Traffic violation fines, and the speed limit information below, will be a standard feature in our Information Section in every monthly issue so always keep a copy of the Rocky Point Times Newspaper handy. Always stop at all railroad track crossings and look for trains (we do not have blinking lights and crossing arms) and never let anyone ride in the back of your truck.

Rocky Point Speed Limits (are always in kilometers, look at the secondary dial on your speedometer)

60 km/h – Any Blvd. in town UNLESS a speed sign is posted

30 km/h – Any Street in town UNLESS a speed sign is posted

60 km/h – Road to the resorts (Playa Bonita to Cholla Bay)

10 km/h – School Zones

Do not speed through Sonoyta!! I think the biggest speed traps are right after you cross the border – the speed limit drops down to 20 km/h in some spots, and coming into Sonoyta from Rocky Point – crest the hill and you should be going 40 km/h. All I can say about driving through Sonoyta is go the speed limit (or below) and if you are pulled over then go to the police station to state your innocence. If you want to file an official complaint then be sure to get the officers name and their vehicle number and whatever other information you can gather. And please don’t go bad mouthing our local police if you have committed a traffic violation. Our city takes complaints very seriously and our local cops have been super fantastic. (No, I haven’t had any tickets in a long time, but ask Sandy and Alicia about theirs!!)

Rocky Point is the best vacation destination within driving distance. We have so much to do and see and lots of adventure to be had. I urge you to introduce someone new to Puerto Peñasco this spring and show them what they’ve been missing. Hope to see you down here soon.