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By Anita Kaltenbaugh

Spotlight on Vidanta Golf

Puerto Penasco is a golfer’s paradise at sea. We have three fantastic golf courses all serving up outstanding weather, blue skies and amazing views of the water. If you love to golf or want to learn how to golf and enjoy a beautiful day outside on a course, then we got you covered.

Part Three of Got Golf, in Puerto Peñasco focuses on Vidanta Golf what’s been called by Golf Magazine, “one of the 20 best and most fascinating courses in Mexico and the Caribbean”.

Puerto Peñasco’s three golf courses:

1. Las Palomas Links course located in the heart of Sandy Beach, with outstanding views of the sea and directly beside Las Palomas Resort.

2. Vidanta Golf – A Nicklaus Legacy course (which means Jack Nicklaus and Jack Nicklaus II co- designed the course) located at Mayan Place and Grand Mayan built on a gorgeous two-mile peninsula and entirely surrounded by water.

3. Isla Del Mar another Jack Nicklaus Signature course winding around the estuary and right dab in the middle of a living sanctuary.

All three courses offer magnificent views and are open to the public and guests of the resorts. All three courses are working together to help promote our town and create a golf destination.

Breathtakingly Unique

If you haven’t ventured out to the spectacular golf course Vidanta at the Mayan, what are you waiting for? As I entered the winding road to the Nicklaus Legacy Course, I was awestruck by the sheer beauty of the emerald waters of the estuary winding next to the green. It’s like a mirage in the middle of the desert. Upon arrival to the 19th Hole and the Golf Pro Shop, I was struck by the open spaces and sanctuary of the both the sea and the desert. The combination of the natural beauty was amazing.

I had the pleasant opportunity to sit down at the The Tides Restaurant, with Alaciel Aguilar V. the Golf Course Manager at Vidanta Golf, a Legacy course.

So, what exactly is a “legacy” course?

There are several legacy courses around the world. The name legacy referring to the fact it was designed by Jack Nicklaus & Jack Nicklaus II, together. What a great legacy to share with your son. Vidanta legacy course opened in 2007 and is an 18-hole, 7,200-yard course.

How long have you been the Golf Course Manager?

Alaciel has been in Puerto Peñasco for 3 years. She is originally from outside Mexico City but her family lives in Cancun.

Tell us a little bit about your golf history?

Alaciel started 17 years ago in 2004 as the assistant to the Golf Director at Moon Place which has 27 holes and 400 golfers a day. This vast experience led her to a promotion as Golf Manager in Playa Del Carmen at The Golf Club at Playacar[AAV1] . Then the company transitioned to the brand Hard Rock, converting this golf course to Hard Rock Golf Club Riviera Maya and she had the opportunity to be the manager of three golf courses overseeing the Hard Rock courses in the Riviera Maya, Dominican Republic and Cancun.

What was your first impression of Puerto Peñasco? Alaciel first impression was that this place was beautiful, one of a kind and it offered her a challenge. “I came her for the challenge and to learn, I like challenges and it is a great place where I can add all my expertise.” One year of Alaciel’s three years was of course during the Pandemic, where she was one of a few who stayed at the resort the entire time. She believes the most beautiful beaches of Peñasco are at the Mayan. On the picture-perfect day I was there, it’s hard not to agree with her, and I hate to admit, I was a little jealous of her pandemic place.  

Does Vidanta have tournaments?

Alaciel stated that they have three tournaments a year. They publish them in Arizona and inside Northern Mexico. They organize in collaboration with Arizona Golf Association.

Is the course always open to the public?

Yes, it is a tourism golf course, and open every day. Vidanta offers season pass memberships, of 3 months, 1 year and 3 years. They also have a practice tee and range. The Tides restaurant and lounge area with its beautiful vista is open every day, but Tuesday from 9-5, and as I tasted the Aqua Chile, and fish tacos, the food is excellent. The golf course is open every day.

What would you like golfers to know about Vidanta?

It is a unique course, that is lucky enough to have 9-holes that face the ocean, and the tournaments are super fun. The Mayan offers stay and play packages, as well as special rates for national citizens and local residents. Year round we have special promotions. A family can even come and perhaps one spouse plays golf, and one spouse uses the Spa facility which is exceptional. Promotions are offered during special times.

What is your favorite hole on the Legacy course?

Hole 7, it has a beautiful view of the ocean.

We walked up to the beautiful hole #9 and standing there gazing at the Sea of Cortez, I couldn’t imagine a hole more beautiful.

So, if you haven’t played “Vidanta Golf”, take a drive, check out their 19th hole and play a round.

July 4th Promotion $59 and Happy Hour from 1-3.

Vidanta Golf is adjacent to the Grand Mayan and Mayan Palace. Take a few days and experience where the sea meets the desert.

 [AAV1]at The Golf Club at Playacar.