Overcoming Adversity

Rocky Point, like much of Mexico, is very dependent on tourism. When the borders closed and the quarantine restrictions were implemented, businesses suffered greatly, as did the people working for them. It was a difficult time for all, but the Mexican people have seen hard times before. They are hard-working, resilient people, who, in the best of times, know how to make a little go a long way. June was a big month for local tourism, and the economy resembled pre-quarantine times again. Still, it will take a vibrant summer for businesses and individuals to overcome their losses. We hope you will be generous if you are visiting.

Frida Kahlo

Mexico has long celebrated those who have overcome adversity. Frida Kahlo, 1907-1954, was a Mexican painter famous for her folk-art style featuring the nature, artifacts, and working-class people of post-revolutionary Mexico. Disabled by polio as a child and suffering debilitating pain from that and a terrible bus accident at 18, Frida was an inspiration who embodied the resilient spirit of the Mexican people.

Meet Frida

 Frida came to Barb’s when she was only four months old. Born without the use of her back limbs, she is the epitome of resilience. This is no “pity me,” “sit in the corner” wallflower. She pulls herself about the floors of the main facility with confidence and authority, greeting everyone who enters with affection. Make eye contact with Frida, and she quickly turns over asking for a belly rub. Now, nearly a year and a half old, Frida is a long-haired German Shepard who is beautiful inside and out.

It will take a special kind of person to adopt Frida. Dragging herself across the floors of the facility creates sores that can become infected. A custom fitted wheelchair would increase her mobility and reduce the friction that can cause her pain. A ramp would provide her access to the outside world. It is more likely that Frida will become one of the permanent “unadoptable” residents.  But at Barb’s, we believe in miracles. We know that the perfect person/family is out there, willing to make Frida part of their life. A heart so full of love needs and deserves this. If you are that person/family, you will be rewarded many times over by this very special dog. You can see Frida during our 10AM – 2PM visiting hours, or look for her on our Facebook page.

Help Rescue The Rescue

Yes, we are asking for your help again this month. The Rescue has been operating at full capacity, around 350 puppies, adolescents, and adult dogs, going into a third year. This has put enormous pressure on our resources. We are out of room. We are low on food. We are critically low on medical supplies. We need adopting families, and we desperately need volunteers. We’ve said it before, and we will continue to say it; we are successful because of your support. Please help. Donate. Volunteer. Adopt. And don’t forget to list Barb’s as your charity recipient when you use Amazon Smile.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

As always, Barb would like to thank all of her supporters, volunteers, and sponsors for their continued generosity, without which she could not continue her work.

Please visit us online at http://www.facebook.com/BarbsDogRescue or our website: www.BarbsDogRescue.org or Barb’s Mexico cell: (638) 114-1659 or U.S. cell: (602) 774-1578 Email: barbsdogrescue@gmail.com