If the COVID pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that isolating for a year makes us even more eager to get away for a week or a weekend at the beach. And since Rocky Point is the closest beach to a lot of folks, it is the destination of choice for many families with younger children. I had a recent conversation with Judy Harrison of Tucson. Here are the highlights.

CAP’N GREG: You kinda like this place, don’t you?

JUDY: We try to do Rocky Point four times a year, or once a season. My husband, Mike, and I plan activities based on the temperature that’s expected during those seasons. Our three kids can enjoy great food, sunset cruises, curio shopping and RV camping all year ’round, but some activities are better suited for the warmer months. During those late spring to fall months there’s swimming, jet skiing, building sandcastles, kayaking, snorkeling at Bird Island, paddle boarding, charter fishing and zooming the dunes on ATVs.

CAP’N GREG: Wow. You take advantage of all Peñasco offers.

JUDY: We sure do. In the cooler fall and winter seasons we lean toward to indoor activities, but whale watching is a kick, as well as major music events and the Mermaid’s Market arts and crafts show from mid-October thru March.

CAP’N GREG: And when high humidity makes the sides of a cold bottle of cerveza drip with moisture?

JUDY: Ah, yes. There’s always relief in a long soak in the warm salt water or the cooler environment of a swim-up bar or hotel pool. So, Cap’n Greg, do you have any advice for me that would make Rocky Point even more fun?

CAP’N GREG: No, Judy. I think you have it all figured out. Enjoy!