12 crazy wacky ways to beat the heat in Rocky Point

What a difference a year makes

Picture this, last year this time beaches were closed! Last year this time, visitors couldn’t visit our wonderful beach town! Hard to believe isn’t it! Living here, I couldn’t use the pool, walk the beach, or even get on the beautiful Sea of Cortez. So, I am not going to complain about the heat this summer. We are free to roam and have some fun! So, let’s get busy making summer memories at the Sea!

If you are looking for ways to beat the heat in Puerto Peñasco, it’s super easy! These may seem a little wacky, but they will cool you off and make you smile.


Here’s 12 crazy wacky ways to beat the heat!

  1. Go on a treasure hunt or create one for the kids. Early morning is the best time to take a walk on the beach. Take five objects and freeze them in ice the night before, hide them on a path to the sea, or under your umbrella in the sand. Items can be frozen water bottles, frozen juice or soda, seashells, plastic shovel, plastic bucket or even a ball! Tell the kids they are going on an expedition to the north pole and must explore and find what’s frozen in the ice.
  2. Buy your favorite raft and float on the Sea of Cortez! Yes, local shops in town are even selling pizza rafts, rafts that look like pineapples, and ice cream cones. Invest in a few fun rafts and have some photo ops in the water.
  3. Have a frozen t-shirt race. Wrap the t-shirts in parchment paper or wax paper, freeze them and then hand them out frozen. First one that get the T-shirt on wins the race and gets cooled off!
  4. Bob for ice cubes – I know it’s the pandemic time, so stick with me, fill up a plastic kiddie pool with ice cubes and players must get them out with their toes! Set a timer for each player on your phone and see how many they can pick up!
  5. Spend all day in the sea, the pool and then take a cold shower. Eat some Ice cream, yes get some ice cream, frozen yogurt, or a frozen bar! You will be chilly!
  6. Have a freezing summer photo shoot. Yes, get out the mittens, scarves, and hats and take pictures in your bathing suit wearing your winter accessories, on the sand by the sea. Makes a great Christmas Postcard. (Hint: take a bucket of ice-cold water and have someone randomly throw it on the back of your family pic, for the last shot!)
  7. Buy a plastic tub and fill it with ice. Yes, sit in it before it melts.
  8. Get wet from the sea and then go ziplining! If you haven’t ever ziplined, check out Rocky Point Zip Lines. Flying in the air will cool you right off.
  9. Take a banana boat ride, or a red shark ride on the Sea of Cortez, warning you might fall in the sea, warning you might cool off.
  10. Watch 3 Snow movies. Need some inspiration? How about Frozen, Happy Feet, Snowpiercer, Everest & Eight Below. These will get you chilling, especially if you take a bowl full of ice cubes and place it in front of a fan. You’ll be in the set of the wintery movie in no time.
  11. The movies theatres are open! Yes, not streaming from home this summer, we’ve done that a thousand times in the pandemic, but a real movie theatre with popcorn! Go chill with a summer block buster hit. When is the last time you went to the movies? Well, in Puerto Peñasco Cinepolis is open! Go to their website to see what is playing! https://cinepolis.com/cartelera/puerto-penasco-/cinepolis-puerto-penasco
  12. Squirt gun battles? Buy some squirt guns and get ready to get each other wet! You’ll be running in front of the other’s just to stay cool! Or fill up balloons with water and toss them back and forth on the beach and see how long you can toss them without dropping them.


Yes, there are many crazy ways to have fun and get cool, and if you are here on vacation remember how lucky you are to be able to get in the sea, on the sea or even just looking at the sea. Take a deep breath and be thankful the world is having fun again!

A.K. Smith writes twisty suspense books that will keep you up late. Her debut novel, A Deep Thing was awarded the Readers Favorite Gold Medal and even mentions Puerto Peñasco. Her new release is a twisty suspense coming of age story, Pseudocide. Follow her www.aksmithauthor.com.