Several Dudes highlight Puerto Peñasco with an original song about Rocky Point and an awesome music video showcasing our town!

La Vida Tequila – An original song about Rocky Point with an awesome music video!

Have you heard the song, La Vida Tequila, “…take a big swig of life and pass it around.” Well, when you do, and if you are like me, you’ll probably get the fun chorus stuck in your head. Not only is it a catchy tune, but it is a song not just about tequila, but wait for it, our own little Rocky Point.

The song lyrics remind you of good times in Rocky Point, with shout outs to local watering holes and cantinas, but the band also created a video with clips and footage from concerts and fun times in Peñasco. Who knows, if you have been to some of Rocky Point’s music events, you might even find a clip of yourself in the crowd. It’s a fantastic promo for our town, and an awesome song.

Who are the Several Dudes?

The song written by a band that will be playing in Circus Mexicus in June, is a bunch of dudes, aptly named, Several Dudes. An interesting group of guys that that got their first gig in 1987, and when they were struggling to come up with a name for the band, one of them finally simply said, “You’re a dude, and you’re a dude and I’m a dude, we are really just several dudes” – they figured they would use that for their first gig, sort of as a joke. People liked it, and the name stuck.

In 1987, Several Dudes were a bunch of Emory University students in college, law school and medical school.  They played for a loyal following in Atlanta, Georgia and wrote a lot of great tunes. Nearly thirty years after they moved on to productive careers in music, medicine and law, the band reformed to honor founding lead guitarist Nick Stevens after his tragic death in a cycling accident in 2018. New songs were written, and the band is now releasing a tribute album, Our Brother Nick, which has the song, La Vida Tequila, as well as featuring Buck Dharma, co-founder of Blue Oyster Cult, on Back in the Day and the song Your Heart featuring Bill Payne, co-founder of Little Feat.

The band currently is made up of band members, Jonas Goldstein, Kevin Green, Devon Engel, Dave Pretlow, Barry Richman and Avi Goldstein, all dudes who love to play music and raise money for worthwhile charities including cycling safety, they have been booking a select number of charity gigs spreading their goodtime boogie music all over the USA, and thankfully now Mexico.

The band’s bass player, Devon Engel is in a cover band, Retro-Active, that plays bars in Scottsdale like RockBar and Wasted Grain. Devon wanted to introduce ‘the dudes’ to Rocky Point and thought Circus Mexicus would be a perfect opportunity. Prior to the pandemic, the group was scheduled to play at Circus Mexicus 2020, which is when they started writing the tune LaVida Tequila as an homage to the music festival and Rocky Point.

Who doesn’t love a new original song, about tequila and Rocky Point played by several dudes?

If you haven’t listened to them yet, check them out on Spotify or whatever music streaming service you use.  You can also get their music for free and learn more about them at And of course, here is a link to the cool LaVida Tequila video featuring our awesome town:

The band will be playing Circus Mexicus on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

“We are drinking in the sun of the Sea of Cortez…blue agave will set you free!” Several Dudes, La Vida Tequila