Unless you’ve been living under a large seashell for the last 18 years, you’ve probably heard about the reality show, The Bachelor/Bachelorette. Yep for 18 years, 23 seasons, millions of viewers have tuned into a reality television show where people watch a group of hopeful singles, vie for the affection of the starring Bachelor or Bachelorette. The end goal being a true marriage proposal.

If you haven’t, really? Maybe you should check it out, you might just find it entertaining, in a voyeurism kind of way. There’s a lot more social action than just watching, bars have viewing parties, there’s a fantasy league betting circle and an enormous Bachelor Nation Group. The show is a three-month filming event full of drama, fights, unique situations, romance and love. It might not be your thing until you find out your sister, cousin, nephew, niece is trying out to be a contestant, then you would watch. To me one of the most interesting details of the show, are after the whole group spends a few weeks in the Bachelor Mansion – located outside of Los Angeles – the singles and the Bachelor/Bachelorette get to travel as a group to unique destinations all over the world.

From small towns to huge cities, interesting travel locales are featured. As a travel writer, I love this part of the show. I strongly believe that if you are thinking of a forever with someone, you must experience their travel habits. It’s important to know how they react to new situations, diversity and the unknown.  I watch it for the human interest, the romance,  but most of all the cool travel spots. So, as the new season geared up this January with Pilot Peter, I wondered what geographical locations they will be jetting off to this season.

It got me thinking, what if the Bachelor franchise decided to feature our charming seaside destination? I think the producers would be excited to see what our seaside village has to offer. It would be a wonderful destination that would meet all of the travel attributes the producers are looking for.

As it is February, Valentine’s month, love and romance are on my mind. After all I met my husband here and married him in this beautiful hidden gem by the sea, so, I know Rocky Point is for lovers. Of course, I didn’t have to compete with twenty other singles, but we sure did have exciting adventures and explored this town together finding the most romantic spots. With that in mind, I couldn’t help but compile all the great lovers’ hot spots, activities and places to visit in Puerto Peñasco, especially ones that a Bachelor show could showcase and film beautifully for the world to see.

  1. First, to be clear, there is always a featured sporty, dare devil type of experience so the trust factor can be created between the possible future husband and wife. Trust is good. Heights may not be good for everyone, but if you do it together…you might just bond. We have many choices to accomplish this goa, but I suggest a beautiful Ultralight ride to showcase our gorgeous Sea of Cortez coastline and rocky edges. A few dips down to the ground and they will be hanging on tight. And, I wouldn’t stop there, adrenaline makes great romance. I would combine the ultralight tour with the zip line adventure and end it with a daring ATV race up Competition Hill.
  2. As for beauty and romance, a sunset cruise would have to be in order. Have you’ve seen our amazing sunsets lately? I do every night and have hundreds of pictures to prove it.  I do believe we have the best sunsets in the world. A champagne cruise in the sunset would be amazing. Top it off with our own local Pirate ship staged behind them shooting off fireworks.
  3. The Sea of Cortez has so much to offer so of course a day boat trip would be necessary. I suggest a Bird Island trip to showcase our thousands of sea lion residents, dolphins and if they plan it right, a  few humpbacks flipping in the background of their picnic lunch would be heart stopping.  
  4. Our UNESCO Heritage Site cannot be forgotten, so a tour of the Pinacate Biosphere would be a fantastic out- of-this-world experience.
  5. As for places to eat we have so many awesome choices, but if I must choose it would have to be a romantic dinner at the top of Whale Hill. The view of our fine city from this vantage point is not to be missed. I love both the restaurants on top of the hill, although Pane e Vino might be a little more elegant and romantic, but the Mexican food and atmosphere at La Casa Del Capitan would also be great fun.
  6. As for lodging, again, a plethora of choices, but my first thought would be to recommend one of our beautiful penthouses in one of our condo properties. With the exotic sky-high view and large terraces this would be a great place to film. This could include a Las Palomas penthouse, Esmeralda penthouse, Sonoran property or even Bella Sirena.
  7. And last but not least, they need to feature a romantic shopping stroll down Rodeo Drive, and of course a day spent shopping, eating and cantina hopping at Old Port.

The choices are endless for romantic spots in town, and I’m sure the producers would have a hard time finalizing the best lovers’ spots.

But, even if the show doesn’t end up being filmed in town, go grab your bachelor, bachelorette, novio, amante, sweetheart, lover or partner and go do something romantic for the month of love.

After all, Rocky Point is for Lovers.