This month’s Editorial is coming to you from the Serenas Bar (and Cabin 485) onboard Puerto Peñasco’s first ever cruise ship, the Astoria. Alicia and I are sailing to 8 ports in the Sea of Cortez on the Astoria’s maiden voyage out of Rocky Point with about 650 other people from all over the world: Lots of press people and even the owner’s wife. We have a “Peñasco Group” photo shoot scheduled for the last evening on the ship where we are going to gather our neighbors – guessing we have about 50 of us onboard – and get a great group shot so you’ll be able to see that on Facebook first. So, ladies and gentlemen, Rocky Point has made history. Puerto Peñasco is now, officially, Mexico’s FIRST and ONLY (redundant, I know) cruise ship home port. A lot of you said it would never happen, well guess what…it just did! And it feels fantastic to be on the very first cruise.

Residents and visitors from Old Port to Sandy Beach were treated to history being made on the morning of January 8th when they woke up and saw the Astoria in their front yard. It was fun

to see everyone flooding social media with photos of the ship. Later that afternoon the city held a benefit brunch for D.I.F. aboard the Astoria. Those who were invited, or who purchased tickets, were ferried out to the ship (by EcoFun Tours) where they got to explore the ship and have a delicious sit-down brunch. The food and wine were excellent and Alicia, Mario and I went all over the ship exploring the shops, decks, showrooms, bars (of course), and looking for our cabin. We got to meet a lot of the crew and had a great time.

The Convention Center was the staging area for everyone going on the first cruise on January 9th. We arrived early and were a little bummed that we wouldn’t get to see our Governor, Claudia Pavlovich who was due to be on the Malecon around noon. But as our good luck would have it, she made her first stop the Convention Center, so we got to meet and talk to her – very cool. Shortly after the Governor left, we were processed, given ship credentials, transported over to the docks where EcoFun Tours once again shuttled us out to the Astoria. We were the first ones onboard, so Alicia and I went and checked out our cabin, dropped our backpacks and headed to our favorite bar where we met Yuri, our new favorite bartender. Andre is our second fave, but you’ll have to read all about that in the March edition, and probably the April and May editions as well. It’s going to take me awhile to match up my photos with my memories (or lack thereof) and piece together this wonderful excursion. I hope

that all of you who made the 2nd and 3rd cruises last month had just as much fun as we are having – we still have numerous days to go and more places to see. Let’s hope Puerto Peñasco attracts more cruise ship companies and that Cruise & Maritime Voyages comes back to take us on more wonderful adventures in the Sea of Cortez.

A new sight around town some of you may have noticed are the new parking meters along the Malecon. Yes, let me repeat that…parking meters along to Malecon. You will now have to feed the meter if you want to park on the Malecon. In my travels through Mexico, thus far, I can say that I have never noticed meters to park on the Malecon, a very popular spot for locals and tourists alike, but hopefully the city will do some good with the money earned. After visiting some of these beautiful cities on the cruise, we all have some great ideas for Peñasco. So, make sure you have pesos handy if you are heading to Old Port.

Lots of fun events going on this month – don’t forget to check out the Events Calendar. And always check out our Facebook page for new businesses opening, the latest stuff going on, and great places to eat, drinks and shop. Be sure to be at the Shrimp Plaza on the 1st of February to enjoy the Mermaid’s Market and the 3rd Annual Seafood Fest “Fish Bowl”.  Certainly don’t forget Valentine’s Day on February 14th – lots of restaurants around town are offering specials. (Here it’s called Dia de Amor y Amistad – Day of Love and Friendship.)

If you’re looking for something fun (and different) to do, check out Rocky Point’s new Escape Room in the Old Port. Our friend, Brenda Sabo from the Sonoran Properties took Alicia and I for my birthday. To escape and help Alice save Wonderland, you have to find the clues and figure out what they mean to escape the room. Needless to say we did not escape, but we had a lot of fun. Check them out on Facebook (Escape Room Rocky Point) or in the Old Port, on the left-hand side just past the Friendly Dolphin as you’re leaving. It’s fun for large or small groups. You can make your reservation online and purchase vouchers at

Next month we’ll be gearing up for Spring Break and then Semana Santa so the town will be quite full. Hopefully you have made your reservations and will be down to join the fun. Be sure to get your tickets for Manny’s Country Bash 2020 in March as well.

And finally, for us locals, it’s property tax time. The city is offering discounts, and a chance to win a brand-new Chevrolet for those who pay early (Jan., Feb. and March). If you pay this month you will receive a 15% discount and if you pay in March, the discount is 10%.  See you next month!