Cover0414I picked up a copy of a 2003 Edition of the Rocky Point Times Newspaper to see what was going on way back then, in our 13th year of publication. I thought it would be fun to see what Tom was writing about in his Editorials. Besides all of the events that were taking place (many of which are still ongoing) such as the triathlon, CBSC Derby, the OBSC Bash and so much more he talked about all of the new businesses popping up everywhere and paved roads. He asked, “What will we be saying 40 years from now? Can you even imagine? Someday soon we’ll have a boardwalk and piers out into the ocean and we’ll be able to look out and see cruise ships full of tourists coming to town for the day. And we’ll have so many stop lights that a quarter of our time getting to dinner will be spent waiting for the light to turn green”. Shall we call him Nostradamus (lol)?  I’m sure a lot of people had, and have, the same visions for Puerto Peñasco. In the last paragraph of this Editorial Tom says, “As Rocky Point struggles through growing pains, be patient and remember we’ve been lucky to have enjoyed this fishing village thus far. Someday we’ll look back and laugh at the time they made speed bumps too big to drive over or how they decided to pave the streets at the start of Spring Break”. Guess what Tom, we are still laughing. Some things may never change here in Rocky Point.

Before we get on to the new and exciting stuff I must warn you about our new Marlin Statue on Calle 13. If you are turning left onto Benito Juarez from Calle 13, you cannot see what is lurking behind the statue waiting to dash out as soon as your light turns green. If you stay behind the line you may hit a pedestrian or cyclist when it is your turn to go, but if you pull up to be able to see you will now be in the crosswalk or even further into the intersection. I do not see a quick fix for this anytime soon so pull up far enough so you can see if anything is coming at you from the left from the other side of our beautiful new statue.

There are some great events going on this month: April 5th is the CBSC Horseshoe Tournament; April 26th is a full day of events with the Las Palomas Triathlon, the 28th Annual OBSC Bash and JJ’s Cantina Bathtub Races. And Thursday the 17th kicks off Semana Santa, so if you’re one who likes to hide out at your casa during Easter week, you had better stock up on food and drink now. Or venture out and see everyone having fun in Old Port and on Competition Hill and pretty much all over the place. The weather is still fantastic so I invite everyone to come down to Rocky Point to have some fun and soak up the sun.

The 36th Bi-Annual El Golfo Run will be May 16th, 17th and 18th and if you would like to join us, give Alicia or Sandy a call at the office (011-52-638) 383-6325 or Email them at or Facebook Sandy,so they can put your name on the list. It is a 4×4 trip, but with the Coastal Highway a 4WD vehicle is no longer required. It is always a fun trip and you will get to meet some interesting folks. Also in May is the 6th Annual Fiesta en La Playa Bike Run at Concha del Mar. Though not as big as the Rocky Point Rally in November, it is growing every year and a chance to get a look at some great bikes. On May 17th it will be the 1st Annual CBSC Off-Road Poker Run so sign up and have some fun. There are so many events in the next few months so be sure to Like our Facebook Page (Rocky Point Times Newspaper)so you get up-to-the-minute event information.

On a final note, it looks like the flights in and out of our International Airport will not begin again in April – they are now shooting for July and that’s a maybe. It appears the breakwater construction for the cruise ships has stopped for the time being, but will pick up again soon. And Sandy did some scouting last week, she saw construction going on by our offices, around the corner, on the way to Playa Bonita…and found that beach access to Playa Hermosa is planned for – between Las Gaviotas and Playa Bonita on Sandy Beach – since all of the condos have gone up there isn’t really any beach access so this will be excellent for people wanting to play on the beach. Here are some renderings of the equestrian entrance, which will be next to Las Gaviotas, the car entrance and parking, at the other end towards Playa Bonita, and the “walkway” connecting the two ends.

Oh, and Sam’s Club and Bodega Aurrera are rumored to give the best exchange rate of the day when you purchase items in USD.

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter and Semana Santa.