Cover0915The October Editorial is always hard to write because, as you know, the paper has to go to our printer down south weeks before you see it on the streets, and that means that I am writing this in early September when it is still pretty humid, the mosquitoes are thick and we’re all ready to turn off our air conditioners and enjoy the ocean breezes. And this month’s Editorial is extremely early because I am getting’ hitched on the 26th of September and am making everyone come to Las Vegas with me – so they need to get their work done fast! Except poor Mario who will stay behind to command the ship.

Let’s jump forward because by the time you are reading this September will be almost over and our awesome weather will begin – just one of the reasons why it is so great to live here. AND, as of September 15th, we have the first ever female Governor here in the State of Sonora! On September 15th, Governadora Claudia Pavlovich initiated “El Grito” in Hermosillo, and was inaugurated the next day, on the 16th. Here in Puerto Peñasco, we inaugurated our new Mayor Ernesto Kiko Munro, and will be looking forward to our first interview. Everything is still moving right along (port, road construction, overpass…see photos) so not much on that front except that Blvd. Josefa will be a little over half-finished when you read this. And all we really want to talk about is how much fun October is and how we are so happy when it gets here!

A good way to kick off the season is to submit your photo to the annual Rocky Point Times Photo Contest. We have teamed up again this year with Mark Paliscak (who really does all the work) to bring you this fun event. Who doesn’t love taking photos and winning prizes? You can read his article in this month’s edition, but rules are simple…find your favorite happy hour photo from a Rocky Point joint or take a new one and send it in Have your entry in by October 20th and you could win one of four gift baskets.

October welcomes the Piñata Regatta at Playa Bonita, Angler of the Year at JJ’s Cantina and Mark Mulligan in concert at the Caribbean Parrot. If you haven’t seen Mark live then do yourself a favor and be at the Parrot on the 11th. And, of course, the Rocky Point Times Newspaper 39th bi-annual El Golfo Run will be from the 23rd to the 25th of October. Deadline (yes, there is now a deadline for this too) to have your reservations in will be October 10th. You must email us at to secure a room reservation in El Golfo. A “Survivors Sunset Dinner” will be back here in Rocky Point at Playa Bonita Resort, on the beach front terrace of Puesta del Sol, on Sunday, the 25th. Lots of other fun stuff happening like the Dirty Mud Beach Run on Sandy Beach (see cover photo), so check out the October Events in this issue.

Let October begin!!!!!

P.S. Anyone going on the Coastal Highway to El Golfo de Santa Clara needs to watch out for a few large potholes and sand on the road. It was pretty bad mid-September after all the wind and rain and it pretty much wiped out a mile or so of the road to San Luis. The dunes on the highway all but covered the eastbound lane and not a thin layer where you can cruise over the top of it. The potholes are in the westbound lane right around the first little town. If you stay toward the center line you will miss them. Hopefully they will have the holes fixed and the road cleared of sand by the time the paper hits the street.