Perhaps one of Peñasco’s best kept secrets for secluded beach destinations is the Tessoro Resort at Las Conchas. This high-end property, has endured the trying economy by carefully managing costs via local on-site management and the efforts of relatively few owners, who purchased units in the building just prior to the real estate downturn. The resort has persevered, and arguably remains as the most beautiful and secluded beach resort location in town.

After some brainstorming meetings, the close knit group of Tessoro owners concluded in early 2012 that the resort’s luxurious pool and beachside assets would make an ideal venue for outdoor weddings, receptions, meetings, and other events. This service and use of the venue would generate additional revenue to fund maintenance of the property. So, over the past year word has begun to spread about the availability of the resort to host weekend weddings, local parties, meetings, and stateside groups wishing to hold ceremonies and events at Tessoro.

Although lacking a formal ballroom, Tessoro weddings do take full advantage of Peñasco’s reliably arid weather and the resort’s gorgeous views of the ocean and surrounding Morúa Estuary. Tessoro’s pool area accommodates up to 200 people, with facilities including a pool bar, food service area, and conveniently located poolside bathrooms for attendee’s convenience.

Tessoro’s secluded location at the end of the Las Conchas gated community makes it a perfect destination for a memorable wedding event. The resort also offers lodging for some of the visitors and, due to the small number of available furnished condominiums in the building, guests often feel as though they have the entire resort to themselves.

An added bonus to the resort’s relatively light occupancy is that Tessoro can be much more flexible with the hours of poolside events, so in many cases wedding activities and music may extend later into the evening, depending on the circumstances. This makes Tessoro considerably more flexible than most other beach-side resorts in town…while the views and seclusion are second to none.  Also, since Tessoro has neither a full-time restaurant nor banquet equipment on site, wedding parties are free to contract with local caterers and planners of their choice, many of which come highly recommended.

This year is shaping up to be a good one for weddings at Tessoro, with five already reserved.  There is a flat fee for reserving the space, for which a 50% down payment is required.  A security deposit is also collected, which is refunded the day after the event, once the premises have been inspected and it is confirmed that everything is in perfect order.

Tessoro welcomes anyone considering wedding or event venues in Peñasco to come tour the property. To make an appointment local residents may contact the Property Manager, Manuel Martinez, at (638) 388-6288 (or via cell phone at (044-638) 380-5179). From the USA you may dial (480) 463-3192.