Hello everyone, I am back. Lannette is currently in Big Bear at the family cabin. I don’t know if I should call it a mini vacation or just a family project, she and her brother, Robert are trying to get the place cleaned up and ready for future visits and getaways. She promised me fabulous prizes for writing the Editorial this month, so I have now publicly compromised her lol. And speaking of her brother, I want to thank him for sending me an original Green Bay Packers t-shirt. Thanks Robert!

Now that the weather is cooler and not as humid, I would like to start out writing about how our city is doing. First of all, once again, we were certified as a Clean Beach by the Federal Government. I want to make it clear that this was just for the “beach” area, not for the whole town. We still have a trash problem all over the city and we know the city is still working on the problem, but it looks as though it’s not enough. We still need the community to be helpful and start out by cleaning their patios, front porches, sidewalks etc., every little thing helps. Building our new office over by Blvd. Samuel Ocaña we did accumulate quite a bit of trash, and we are thankful that the garbage truck comes by often and they are helping us to keep the surrounding area clean. We like to tip the garbage truck drivers and that probably helps in having them around so often :-). As soon as we see the garbage truck, I get all my trash bags ready, the guys are very helpful – they throw almost anything into the truck. If you need an idea of how much to tip them, I give them from $50 to $100 pesos, depending on how much trash we have.

And going back to the new office, it is now OPEN! Anyone is welcome to visit us and stop by the new Book Nook (The Book Room). There was no grand opening as we have been, and still are, really busy behind doors and trying to get everything done in time and we are very thankful that we have been kept busy with lots of work. We are also happy because it’s a brand-new office – no more rain coming in through the roof, no tripping on the old floor, clean walls and brand new desks! I could write up a whole story about just the desks: The very first one we put together was just like building a puzzle. We got all the boxes for 3 desks at the same time so it was very confusing at first, but once the first one was done the others were a piece of cake. I think we spent 2 days putting the first one together and we now laugh about it, but our brains were really tired that one day. We would like to thank Mark and Barb O’ from Adopt-a-Classroom who helped us place our old desks in different organizations. We donated them to the Esperanza Center and they were very happy to have them and we were happy to see them go to a good place where they were much needed. Thank you Barb and Mark for everything you do to help the community.

Let me talk a little more about our library book, as many of you already know, it was started by Tom and Sandy back in the day with their own collection of books. It was a free service for everyone that wanted or needed a book to read. When we planned the new office, we talked about keeping the book room, and we are very happy we kept it. We have hundreds of books and everyone is welcome to come and take a book – it’s a free service…take’em, read’em and bring’em back. We also welcome book donations, but please make sure they are in good condition. Since we have limited space now we are keeping only newer books in good condition.

We are currently working on getting signs placed on the street so it’s easier to find us. Some people have had no trouble at all, but a lot have so, for this month we have marked out how to get to the office on our city map. Hopefully it will make it easier for everyone.

Last month the shrimp boats left the docks, we wish them lots of shrimping in the months ahead and we wish for them all to return home safe. It’s the season of hurricanes and storms and we know the sea can get pretty rough. We now have fresh shrimp from the pangas that went out earlier than the big boats so you can now get fresh shrimp at the fish market. The shrimping season is a great support for a lot of local families, so we like to encourage everyone to buy local and enjoy our delicious shrimp.

Now for the coming events…I will start out with the Bike Rally as I like to remind people to make their reservations early, it will getting packed up really fast so you do not want to be coming down and not having a place to stay. You are welcome to make your reservations with Casago, Mar de Cortez, Laguna Shores, all of their phone numbers are in our index. Casago and Mar De Cortez have houses on the beach, condos at the resorts and they will help you with the accommodations. We will soon be posting the Rally schedule on our Facebook page as soon as Oscar Palacio, who is the organizer, gives us the info will let everyone know where to go and where to enjoy the bike shows.

Lots and lots of events happening in October, we have the SADR races, Beach Soccer Tournament, Cornhole Tournaments, Cholla Bay Off road Poker Run, Run for Pink Marathon, CBSC Angler of the Year, the Black and White Ball Gown, The Cervantino Festival, One Club Open, The Dirty Beach Mud Run, Tucson Hobie Fleet Piñata Regatta, 638 Gastro Fest, Tekila Bar 4th Anniversary Celebration, Mark Mulligan at the Satisfied Frog, Halloween and Lannette’s Birthday!. For dates and times check out our Events Calendar and visit our Facebook page Rocky Point Times Newspaper and click on the events tab. And lastly enjoy the wonderful weather, enjoy our Little Paradise. Drive safe! Hasta Pronto!!