JAKE: Holy frijoles, with a side of guacamole! What was THAT?

CAP’N GREG: Let me guess. You spent a week in Peñasco last month leading up to Easter?

JAKE: How did you know?

CAP’N GREG: Cap’n Greg has done it a number of times, and he still wonders how he made it out in one piece.

JAKE: I’ve seen crazy, Cap’n Greg, but nothing like that.

CAP’N GREG: New Year’s Eve, a frat kegger, the Final Four and a 21st birthday all at the same time?

JAKE: You nailed it, Cap’n. Does this happen every year?

CAP’N GREG: It sure does, Jake. Want to know why?

JAKE: Sure. Why not?

CAP’N GREG: Okay, here goes. Spain’s conquest of the Aztecs in 1519 led to the colonization of the Americas, including what would one day become Mexico. The Spaniards brought various diseases, a lust for gold, and their religion. With me so far?

JAKE: Diseases?

CAP’N GREG: Measles, smallpox, like that. The indigenous people had no immunity. Killed millions.

JAKE: And those that survived?

CAP’N GREG: Some 505 years later, the Spanish influence is most apparent in the religion and the traditions that come with it. Easter, the most important of Mexico’s Catholic holidays, is a no-holds-barred celebration. The week leading up to Easter is Semana Santa. The week after is Semana de Pascua. And I have a feeling the week after that is Semana de Hangover. Anyway, Rocky Point is the perfect spot for families to flock to and go absolutely nuts.  

JAKE: So that’s why the streets and beaches and hotels and restaurants were jam packed, and I waited in line a half hour for a margarita?

CAP’N GREG: Exactly. But you know what? I encourage everyone to experience Semana Santa here at least once.

JAKE: Whoa. Been there, done that.

CAP’N GREG: So, what do you think?

JAKE: I thought I was a party animal. These folks made me look like a rookie.

CAP’N GREG: And you still had a blast?

JAKE: Cap’n Greg, when my heart rate slows a bit, I’ll tell you all about it.

CAP’N GREG: We live and learn, Jake. We live and learn.