Greetings, and Happy Spring from the team at Barb’s Dog Rescue! In case you didn’t know, there is a magical, wonderful rescue just on the outskirts of town, and paying a visit to Barb’s Dog Rescue is most certainly something to add to your itinerary. We promise, a visit to the rescue will warm your heart; you will leave with tears of joy, and maybe even a new best friend! We’d be honored to load your pockets with treats and take you on a tour, where you’ll experience the heartfelt goodness that our dogs so expertly offer! Our dogs love vacations! If you’re staying somewhere where dogs are welcome, we’d love for you to load one or two up and take them on a weekend adventure; we promise your getaway in Rocky Point will be even more incredible with the company of a furry friend!

Barb’s Dog Rescue has been saving street dogs here in Rocky Point for over 20 years. Our founder and hero, Barb Mumaugh, moved here with a plan to save the dogs. What started with a tiny sign on the highway into town with an arrow pointing toward her home and the plea “dog food needed,” became a full-on campaign…a mission…a community effort.

If you’ve traveled to us via the Lukeville/Sonoyta Point of Entry, you’ve likely seen the heartbreaking, gut wrenching homeless dog population there. Poverty and lack of resources are a sad reality, and these dogs need help. We want you to know that we are working on it! We are striving to be champions to the Sonoyta dogs, and we need your help! Saving these dogs means creating more comfortable space with hearty, solid protection from the elements, secure fencing, upgraded electrical to keep our fresh water pumping, lots of nutritious food, all of the medical care they need, and additional staff to help care for them. Bringing them “home” from Sonoyta is just the beginning! We’ve got that covered but need your support to do the rest.

Be a part of something good! Your donations will help us make this happen! Please visit to contribute to this noble cause. You can also help by spreading the word about our rescue, and the hundreds of beautiful dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes that are here, waiting for their people to come! Have a look at our “adoptable dogs” link on our website and find your perfect match.

If you’re traveling down and would like to bring us some goodies, we have a particular need for wet (canned) dog food, as it is very difficult to get by here in Rocky Point. Tourists can bring up to five cases of canned food, or 50lbs of dry. Mexican law allows for chicken, turkey, and seafood-based food to be brought over the border. We also always need blankets & bedding, treats, toys, crates, leashes & harnesses, cleaning supplies, and all things “dog!’ We would love to chat with you about our needs and share with you the hopes and dreams for our rescue. Email us anytime, We know Barb is smiling down on us, and on all of you who do so much for the dogs! Enjoy your time in Rocky Point, and we hope you’ll stop in to say hello!

Photo captions:

The heroes who are helping to save the Sonoyta dogs!

Pepe was saved from the streets and has lived at Barb’s for over 2 years. He is approx. 6yrs old, 45lbs, loves other dogs, is friendly and smart. Pepe needs a forever home!