Greetings from the team at Barb’s Dog Rescue! We are so excited for Spring and the return of tourists and visitors! Our dogs have missed you and can’t wait for you to come and play! Speaking of playing, we have some wonderful news to report! Thanks to our heroes who have given us so much support, we were able to acquire a large, vacant lot right next door to the rescue. We’ve been putting in the work clearing, leveling, and fencing it, and have even added some shade structures, with more to come! Our “Dog Disneyland” has been bustling with visitors and volunteers who are giving our dogs a reprieve from shelter life by taking them out for some serious playtime; such a beautiful gift! Our dogs are playing hard, then sleeping hard, and we are overjoyed!

We have also been utilizing the space for socialization and leash training. Many of our dogs come to us from the streets and have no experience with harnesses, collars or leashes, and some are not quite sure about humans. Our staff and volunteers are working miracles, allowing our dogs to acclimate to all of these unfamiliar things, and showing them oodles of love and patience in the process. We have several videos and photos of these activities posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages – if you want to smile today, have a look! We need volunteers to participate in this goodness…please consider adding volunteering at Barb’s Dog Rescue to your list of fun activities while in Rocky Point!

Our dog park has also been wonderful for “meet and greets” with potential adopters. The chaos of the rescue environment doesn’t always allow for an ideal introduction, so it has been wonderful to have people and dogs meet in this larger, more peaceful space. Several of our adopters have chosen to bring their current pets to meet the dogs they’re interested in adopting; an ideal scenario, as meeting on neutral ground is always a plus!

We would like to add stimulating items for our dogs to run on, in, under, and around-if you are handy and have some time to give, we’d love to talk to you about building fun obstacle/climbing structures for our dogs! We’d also like to extend everyone who is reading this a warm invitation to come and visit us and spend some time with our dogs. It is truly a heartwarming, feel good experience! We are open seven days/week, from 10am-4pm. We are a 501(3)c non-profit organization and rely on your donations to continue our mission to save the Mexico street dogs. Tax deductible donations can be made on our website ( Donations of food and other dog supplies are always needed and so appreciated and can be dropped off at our front entrance. We have a particular need for canned dog food, as it is very hard to come by here in Rocky Point. All food (dry or wet) must be poultry or seafood based; hooved animal food is not allowed into Mexico. We will happily accept donations of blankets, towels, beds, toys, crates, and all things “dog!” Any questions? Feel free to email us!

Cooper is longing for a loving family and a cozy sofa! Cooper is two years old and has spent most of his life at Barb’s Dog Rescue. Cooper is calm, a little shy at first but warms up quickly, and is 66lbs of love and goodness! Please come and meet this hunk of love!