An exciting new episode of the popular Emmy-nominated show American Dream will be airing in March on the ADTV streaming service, putting the spotlight on our beautiful Mexican town of Puerto Peñasco.

American Dream is an American TV show that is about 20% real estate and 80% lifestyle. It also features international episodes. ADTV produces more content than HGTV and Bravo combined. The show gets over 30 million views.

The episode focuses on part-time local resident and American Dream’s new host Dawn Heilbrun, who is thrilled to showcase her beloved second home to viewers across the world.

Dawn, a real estate broker from Washington, explains how she unexpectedly landed the American Dream hosting gig through a serendipitous chain of events. After ignoring their initial call for hosts, she finally responded to the show’s email request and beat out 90 other candidates in the audition process.

Dawn believes her deep connection to and passion for Puerto Peñasco set her apart and inspired producers to feature the town.

As host, Dawn takes viewers on an insider’s tour of Puerto Peñasco, highlighting annual charity events like the Christmas Balls and Dolls toy drive and introducing local hot spots like Manny’s, Diego’s, St. Nicks, Tekila Bar, La Joya Bistro & Bar, Shark Bite, and Moo Steakhouse. The show also used a local videographer, Manny Sanchez, who owns the Tequila Factory in town.

If you don’t know what the annual Christmas Balls and Dolls event is, it is a beloved tradition in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, held each December right before the Christmas holiday. It has been running for 6 years and is organized by Shayna Sargent and Jorge Gaona who are interviewed on the show. For this special charity drive, trucks full of new toys including balls, dolls, and other gifts are collected from the community and local businesses. On the Saturday before Christmas, caravans of trucks drive out to impoverished neighborhoods and barrios on the outskirts of Puerto Peñasco handing out the donated toys so that less fortunate children can also experience the joy of Christmas. It has become a cherished tradition that embodies the spirit of the season in Puerto Peñasco. If you would like to donate, balls or dolls, they can be dropped off year-round at Manny’s and left for Shayna.

Dawn did a great job bringing positive focus to our town, as she made sure to emphasize the appeal of Puerto Peñasco as a wonderful warm community, a gorgeous vacation paradise and an affordable alternative to coastal cities in the U.S.

Ironically, Dawn’s first discovery of Puerto Peñasco was12 years ago, when she and her husband Dan visited our city by the sea, after seeing the town featured on House Hunters International. Drawn in by the reasonable real estate prices and proximity to Arizona, they purchased a home in Peñasco. Today Dawn is not only an agent for Keller Williams, Puerto Peñasco, but owns several investment properties, further cementing her ties to this special community.

In the interview, an awe-struck Dawn reflects that hosting American Dream and showing Puerto Peñasco to the world feels like a dream itself. She says, “I’m still in disbelief, so answer your emails. It is an American dream to me.”

While Dawn has no formal background in television, she feels her genuine passion for Puerto Peñasco, and belief in positive media makes her the perfect host. Viewers will also get to see her talents shine in an upcoming October episode shot in Cuba. Dawn will interview a world-renowned violinist, Jaime Jorge who is now opening a violin school for children in Cuba.

The Puerto Peñasco episode promises gorgeous visuals of the Malecon waterfront, and inside look at places to go, and an authentic introduction to our hidden Mexican gem. Puerto Peñasco fans worldwide can catch Dawn’s episode when it airs on the ADTV streaming network sometime in March. It airs on Cable, but also on all streaming platforms. Download the app The American Dream TV and check it out!

Thank you, American Dream, for featuring our town.