Cover0716_1Yesterday my “smart” phone informed me it was 114° in Rocky Point. So… I’m done. I quit. This is the end! I know that it’s usually off a few degrees, but still. That’s nuts. Even if I take 10° off then it was still 104° which is probably a “real-feel” of 114°. And it’s only the middle-ish of June! If this holds true I’m afraid all of this summer’s Editorials will be written from one of the pool bars around town…or Canada. Hey, that would be fun…”Pool Bar Editorials”…how can this not be a thing already? Brilliant!

Most of you may not be aware that electricity here in Rocky Point is pretty expensive so if this weather trend keeps up I think we will all be at the pool bar or down on the beach because no one will let us inside! Do what you can to help local businesses by closing doors (all the stuff your Mom told you to do when you were little). And it would probably be a good idea to carry some spare water in your vehicle.

Before I start telling you all of the fun stuff you will be doing this summer I must tell a tale, which is really a question for the masses. As you know Mom and I have made a few road trips together and have another coming up this very weekend. Most of these adventures take us to places where lots of people congregate (casinos, concerts, etc. – you get the idea) so decorum would dictate that you make nice and have conversations with people. Obviously the question of residence always comes up first or second and, when travelling with my Mother, it usually comes up first because, well, she just looks like a tourist. If you can’t tell by watching her oohoh and aaahhh over every item in every store, then you’ll know when you overhear her telling the Bellagio Manager that she ‘just picked up every item in the mini bar and set it right back down but she didn’t open anything so she shouldn’t have to pay the $1,500 mini bar bill and he can come up and check for himself’. So, in answer to the residency question, we fess up that we live in Mexico. No, that’s not New Mexico it’s Mexico, Mexico, the Country of Mexico. And…drum roll please…”Oh, do you like it there”. That is the #1 response to telling someone that we live in Mexico (in our experience). Mom and I always talk about this because why would you ask such a question? If you tell me you live in South Dakota I don’t ask you if you like it there. You are living there so I just assume you like it there. Or do a great number of people loathe where they live? I have to say that when the question is asked it is not with the undertone of wonderment or jealousy (in rare cases it is) like when I tell people I am from California. I even started throwing in the fact that we are on the Sea of Cortez and the number of years I have lived in Rocky Point just to see if they still ask the same question.

Twenty-one years I’ve lived in Mexico on the Sea of Cortez”.

Oh really! Do you like it there? (add frowny face or suspicious eyebrow lift)*/:) raised eyebrows

And what’s not to like? Tons of killer fresh fruits and veggies that are, for the most part, pesticide free and not a science experiment. And that don’t cost me half of my paycheck. Poultry and beef that is just about farm to plate. In Hermosillo I’m convinced that some of the restaurants have the cows out back. And who cares if my eggs have a little poop on them I don’t eat the shell and they have way more egg flavor haha. The Sea of Cortez is our front yard and the Sonoran Desert our backyard. Swim with sea lions. Cruise in an ultra-lite high above the city and ocean. Motor around