I was going to complain about Spring not spending much time with us this year, but then I compared temperatures between Phoenix and Puerto Peñasco, and we are 16° cooler today. For those of you who are new to the area, we generally run a lot cooler than Arizona during the summer months plus we have the beautiful ocean and its breeze…the perfect getaway!

I apologize for sounding like a broken record to you OGs (thanks for hanging in there), but we are getting so many new subscribers and readers every month that I feel I have to reiterate some things every few months. One thing I don’t think I’ve mentioned too much is the WhatsApp app. If you visit Puerto Peñasco, I highly recommend you download the app. Most businesses and people here use it to chat, book appointments, take reservations, answer questions and you can make take-out orders. Facebook Messenger is used here too, but I’ve always found I get a faster response through WhatsApp. Google Maps is also a very good tool – it seems to be pretty accurate and it’s much better than flipping through pages and pages of confusing street maps. We include a basic city map and Coastal Development Guide in every RPTimes, which will give you a good handle on getting around town. If you don’t have a cell signal in Rocky Point you can download maps before you get here or use wifi at your rental or one of many local businesses. Feel free to stop by the office and jump on our wifi, but there are much more exciting places to hang out and surf the web on wifi…just sayin’. Waze is also a good app for the drive down, but not in Mexico. It’s very useful on Hwy. 85 to alert other drivers to road hazards because a lot of the hwy. is two-lanes with a non-existent shoulder.

A little pat on our back – our Facebook Page now has over 30,000 followers. I’m assuming that’s not too shabby for organic growth. Imagine if we really worked at it!! We actually are – making it more organized, fresh photos and lots of local business promos – same as with our website, but sometimes things take a very long time in Peñasco just because there are just so many other fun things to do besides work!

Lots of happenings this month – Happy Mother’s Day to y’all. If you’re down here on the 10th then you get 2 Mother’s Days because Mother’s Day in Mexico is always on the 10th…themz the rulez! The last two Mermaid’s Market gatherings will be this month – the season finale will be over Memorial Day Weekend so there should be a stellar turnout. And at the end of the month we have Memorial Day Weekend, which is always super busy and fun! The Sonoyta/Lukeville border crossing will be open from 6AM to 10PM on Friday, May 26th and Monday, May 29th. The next holiday weekend that we will have extended border hours will be over the 4th of July Holiday Weekend.

A couple thank-you’s and a sad note … Thank you to Cholla Charli for not only writing, but also working with the community to keep our events and information up to date. Among other corrections, she asked that we add the address for Naomi Black’s Seashell Museum, which we did, but I wanted to let you know that she is temporarily closed due to the death of her husband, Rocky Point’s beloved Russ Black. You can check out her website and keep up to date at www.seashellmuseum.com. Thank you to Burrito Express for getting the RPTimes to our U.S. subscribers faster. Unfortunately, USPS bulk mail is slow as it is, but Burrito Express is getting the papers to the post office pretty much as soon as they are printed. If you need any U.S. mail services, look them up, they offer a fantastic service.

I’m very sad to say that we lost our wonderful friend Joe Iverson last month. Like Russ Black, Joe was a Rocky Point staple and loved by all who met him! You may know Joe and his wife, Barbara, from Casa Bonita that was in the Old Port for years and now from their store Su Casa on Rodeo Drive. Our thoughts are with Barbara and her family as well as Naomi and hers. The passing of Joe and Russ will no doubt leave a void in Puerto Peñasco.

Have a super May. Be safe, have fun and we hope to see you at the beach!

Photo Caption: There is a photo of Joe Iverson on Barbara’s Facebook Page if there is room.