Saltwater fly fishing is one of my favorite things to do in Rocky Point, and it is definitely salty and sweet. There is a sweetness in the solitude of fishing by yourself, and it’s quite sweet to share the experience with someone new to fly fishing. I have been fortunate to introduce guys and gals to the saltwater fly fishing experience, and many of those folks are truly the salt of the earth kinds of folks that appreciate our salty coastal environment.

Ladies, saltwater fly fishing is not a guys’ only event. Many ladies fish much better than the guys that dominate the sport. Ladies don’t limit your fun, after you get some basic casting, and gear there is no limit to the fun you can have on the water. My youngest daughter Suzi was making 60-foot casts and catching juvenile Tarpon north of Cancun when she was 16. She is older and has a 3-year-old son, works too much to have time to fish, but when she does get a chance to fly fish her casting stroke is still there. My daughter’s casting stroke was developed with the help of good casters from Desert Fly Casters fly fishing club in Chandler. Casting a fly rod is not a natural motion and everyone who does it well has had some help.

One of the nice ladies in the Playa de Oro RV Park, MJ loves to paddle board and/or kayak La Piñta the Second Estuary, it’s a great place to fish and picnic with friends. MJ likes to entertain friends from the RV Park and had several friends over for a multiple birthday celebration during the month. A number of folks brought splendid food and drink to consume. I opened a jar of homemade salty but sweet pickled fish. It tastes better than it sounds. The original recipe uses Northern Pike, but I used Trigger in my last batch, and it was one of the first things to disappear from the appetizer table. The recipe I used has white vinegar, salt, sugar, pickling spices, and white Zinfandel wine, fish, sweet onion, and peppers. Google Best Pickled Fish Recipe and you will find several variations of the basic recipe. Look at several and put together one that suits your taste. I think you are going to like it!

Vince Deadmond the Retired Fly Fishing Hardware Guy can be reached at or 480 818 1796.