May is a wonderful time to begin your fly fishing adventures in Puerto Peñasco. The Sea of Cortez is warming up, and the fish are happy and hungry. This is a predictable great time of the year to expect a fish bite. I’ll give my iron clad fish catching guarantee that you will catch fish if you visit Peñasco. By the way this guarantee is as good as any politician’s campaign promise, and we all know what lying SOBs they are.

Spring is a much better time to introduce someone new to fly fishing than during the winter months. In Puerto Peñasco we have many species of fish that are not fussy. Cabrilla (Rock Bass), Orange Mouth, Pompano, and Trigger are just a few of our fish that can be caught with a well-presented fly. I would suggest a Clouser Minnow, or a Gotch’a cast on a sinking line. Allow it to sink for a bit then strip it aggressively – hang on!

When introducing folks to fly fishing, there is never a wrong time, but don’t push it.  Invite people, don’t make people go. Keep it social, food, drink, snacks, laughter… keep the fishing – fun. If you catch a few fish you may have some new fishing buddies, and you never have enough of those. There are places where you can have success from shore, but I recommend a pontoon boat, kayak, or even a real boat to extend your fly-fishing enjoyment.

You can avoid the chore of cleaning and cooking your own fish by releasing the fish that you catch, and letting one of the many good cantinas fix you a fish/shrimp meal, again a great social event. I hope to see you on the water soon. Vince Deadmond, The Retired Fly Fishing Hardware Guy. 480 818 1796.


3112 Cabrilla

3113 Trigger

69.jpg Orange Mouth Corvina held by Ryan Johnson