Can it really be June already? What happened to May? It flew by so fast, I had to go into my phone’s photo gallery to see what I did last month. I definitely enjoyed our beautiful weather and dreaded the few times I had to go north where it was a good 20° hotter than it was here in Peñasco…ugh!

A childhood friend of mine, Richard and his wife, Dina came into town last month for the first time since their relocation to Tucson, Arizona. I’ve known Richard since I was a kid living in California – he and my brother worked and went to school together at Bolsa Chica High. Richard and Dina drove their trailer down and scored a beachfront spot at Playa Bonita RV Park and loved it. They explored the town, from one side to the other on their own and plan to return in October.

I did give Richard and Dina a tour of Peñasco one day and then we headed out to Playa Encanto, picked up Mary Snyder (yes, her again!) at her project, Encantame Towers and headed to have lunch at Punta Roja, which is an oyster farm located at the very end of Playa Encanto. Not only do they have fresh oysters, but they have killer fresh crab tostadas. We brought our own alcoholic beverages, ordered eight crab tostadas and enjoyed the gorgeous day and the beautiful view. You access Punta Roja through the development of Playa Encanto, and it sits out there on the estuary looking across at Tessoro, which at the end of Las Conchas and over to the other oyster farms that you accessed from Blvd. Fremont. Punta Roja is definitely one of Peñasco’s hidden gems that you absolutely must try.

After filling our bellies at Punta Roja, Mary treated us to a personal tour through the entire project of Encantame Towers. WOW! Just WOW! They are hustling out there and it is absolutely gorgeous. I didn’t insert a photo since it looks completely different now thanks to the 400+ workers out there busting their butts to get the first tower ready to deliver to its new owners. The entire property is really coming together beautifully, and MG Developments does not disappoint!

On a sad note, Peñasco lost another iconic figure with the passing of Jeanette Clifton last month. Her family held a beautiful private Memorial in Tucson, AZ and plan to have a party here in October for her friends that couldn’t make it to the States. (I had better start hydrating now.) Jeanette and her husband, Rodger were great patrons, residents, fans, friends, movers and shakers of Puerto Peñasco. We all had some great times, and parties back in the day – well they did, I just showed up! They have done so much for this city! Her kids made up some wonderful “memory” books full of great stories and lots of photos and stories from Peñasco “back in the day” – it was great to see the faces of many who have passed, and Jeanette and Rodger Clifton will definitely never be forgotten.

June 6th is Election Day here in Puerto Peñasco and not only does that mean that we will be electing a new Mayor, but it also means that the town will be dry, as in NO ALCOHOL SALES for 24 hours so stock up! (You will not be able to purchase alcohol from midnight on June 5th until midnight on June 6th.)

A lot of you stop in the town of Ajo on your way to Rocky Point to sightsee, get gas or pick up something from the grocery or dollar store and there is some good news for you electric owners – Olsen’s Grocery Store (on the main blvd. next to the Chevron Station) has installed electric car charging stations.

We’re well into summer weather now so that means it’s time to start carrying water in your vehicle if you don’t already. You may be a lifesaver to someone who breaks down on the side of the road. Vehicles in distress in Mexico will raise their hoods and if you see someone waving a gallon jug at you on the highway, it means that they either need water or gasoline. Hwy. 8 is patrolled 24/7 by the Green Angels, but it can still mean people are waiting hours for help to arrive so you just might save the day by passing along some water.

As you’ve noticed, a ton of people are flocking to our beaches every day of the week now and this means alot of traffic and a lot of eager people wanting to start their vacation as soon as possible… and who can blame them? I travel Hwy. 8 ALOT having lived here 26 years and operating a weekly mail service 11 of those years…though my record has definitely been beaten by Lynelle, owner of Head Out Shuttle and Hector, owner of Burrito Express Mail Service…where was I going?…oh yes, traffic! People pass one another – they will always pass one another, myself included, so we can all make Hwy. 8 (and Hwy. 85 coming down) a little safer by allowing space in-between our vehicles, especially when we get stuck in those jams of 10+ vehicles. People ARE going to pass, and they WILL pass, so leave space and let someone pull in front of instead of pinching them off and risking a head-on collision and massive accident. No one wants to leave vacation in a coffin!

June is going to be another fantastic month in Rocky Point as we’re going to have fantastic weather and Circus Mexicus! What more can anyone ask for? Happy Father’s Day to all you Dad’s and we hope to see you out on the beach rockin’ those dad bods! Be safe and happy and we’ll see you in Rocky Point!