Cover1114I can’t think of many things better than having Thanksgiving at the beach except being with family and friends and having Thanksgiving at the beach (hint-hint family). We’ve had some outstanding and very memorable Thanksgiving Weekend gatherings/parties over the years. (Thank goodness someone took photos or we may not have remembered what a good time was had by all!) It was always Tom’s favorite holiday so Mom (and helpers) cooked for days, family and friends gathered, and the folks invited anyone and everyone to join us for the day. The town was a lot smaller in those days, but it was nothing to see 300-plus people throughout the day and that was in addition to our close friends and family. After Thanksgiving Day there would be days filled with train station tacos, cherry bombs at JJ’s Cantina, happy hours at Playa Bonita, Bloody Mary’s and breakfast at Manny’s Beach Club (that always turned into lunch), dancing and drinking at the Sunset Cantina and Pink Cadillac and lots of beach, shopping, sightseeing and 4-wheelin’ activity. I honestly don’t think this town has ever had a better Ambassador than my Dad. My Mom is great too, but Tom was A LOT of fun! This year I have a lot to be thankful for, but am giving a very special thanks to my parents who ROCK and who know (and knew) how to live life to the fullest! I can’t think of many life lessons taught me better than that.

I assume that most of you who will be down this Thanksgiving weekend will be doing just as we did for many years (sans the hundreds of people). I hope each and every one of you enjoy your family and friends, have a wonderful dinner and a lot of fun hanging out on the beach and around town at your favorite haunts. My Uncle Pat, from Arizona City, will be joining us for the holiday weekend and I have promised him buggy rides and lots of tourist activity so look for the lemon-yellow buggy buzzing around town. If you plan on cooking turkey dinner this year please remember that you are not supposed to bring poultry into Mexico, but each year so far we have been allowed one turkey per vehicle during ‘the season’ which begins after the first week of November…BUT we don’t have the Official Word yet. so call is or email us before you go shopping! The same goes for meat and dairy and most veggies and fruits. You can buy turkeys and pretty much everything you need locally, so no need to haul everything down. If you don’t feel like cooking this year there are local restaurants that serve traditional Thanksgiving style dinners – check the advertisements in this issue.

Over Veteran’s Weekend the Rocky Point Motorcycle Rally will be going on in town so be prepared for lots of activity, events and traffic. And remember that you can be a part of the events and activity even if you don’t own a bike. It’s a kick to walk around the Malecón or down Calle 13 and check out all the bikes. I am hoping we reach new numbers this Rally and it continues to grow every year and draw more bikers from all over the world.

Even though I am nowhere near AARP age, someone in my house is (heehee) and so I read their magazine. In the October/November issue they have a good article on Page 26 called “Should You Have Surgery Abroad? It is a good article with some helpful information on how to find the right facility for everything from dental implants to heart-valve replacement. I know a lot of people come to Rocky Point for dental work and there seems to be a growing trend of people looking for surgical alternatives, since health insurance deductibles are so high in the U.S. In some cases you can have a procedure abroad for the cost (or less than) of your deductible. The article also states that some employers are paying for procedures done abroad. I know that in doing research for Tom’s prostate cancer and working with a cancer clinic in the U.S. that Mexico offers many treatments at a much lower cost than the U.S. And I found many therapies and treatments offered here that aren’t even available in the U.S. due to the FDA or other regulations. Obviously you need to do your homework, but I was happy to see a positive spin put on medical procedures done abroad.

Sandy wants to let you all know that the monument on the main Blvd. Benito Juarez, in the middle of Calle 13 is a Sailfish and not a Marlin, as she has been calling it. And on a final note…Happy Anniversary to the Rocky Point Times Newspaper…We’ve been at it since 1993 and couldn’t have survived without our faithful readers and advertisers – a big thank you to all of you, as we enter into our 22nd year. Check all the up-coming EVENTS on Page 59, and have a great Thanksgiving!