Hello to all, we have started the month of Love and Friendship, and I didn’t’ even feel January go by!

I would like to start out February by talking about sports, or FOOTBALL, we are now having the LII (52nd) Super Bowl and I am sure lots of us are waiting for it. It’s probably hard to believe, but Peñasco has many football fans: I know I’ve been watching it probably since Joe Montana was playing. February 4th is the New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles and many of the local bars and restaurants will be showing the game, so make your bets, I’m going with the Patriots!

We’ve had a few cold days, especially here at the office, for some reason its colder inside than it is outside, but we have enjoyed beautiful weather pretty much since Christmas. In January we had temperatures around 78° and we will see what February and March bring.

Valentine’s Day is this month and I would like to remind you that many of the restaurants offer special Valentine’s Day Dinners or have a special menu just for this day. Remember to make your reservations and don’t forget that many vendors on the street corners sell flowers, roses, candy and stuffed animals for your loved ones or for a dear friend, and the prices are not bad at all. Here in Mexico it is called El Dia del Amor y Amistad, which is love and friendship so many of us pass along gifts to our friends as well (usually just the girls do that). The girls here at the office always had a special Valentine’s Day every year when Tom O’Hare used to take them all out to lunch, buy them gifts and flowers and chocolates and make a special day. I think Sandy, Alicia and Lannette are looking to me to fill his shoes so I had better be making my own reservations!

After Valentine’s is over, we will have the Balloon Festival and it’s a great, pretty new event, and everyone loved it last year and we are sure this year will be even better. This is another good event that helps the economy and we are sure all the local business are very happy, from hotels to taco stands. I can’t remember how many people assisted last year, but I know it was a lot of people and I hope this year I get to ride in one of the balloons. Don’t forget to catch the balloons and all the fun from February 23rd to the 25th.

Like I said earlier, the year seems to be flying by and next month will be ready for Spring Break and then Semana Santa. I know many of you are not very excited about it, but it’s probably a good time for you to rent out your home, or condo and make some money while you are at your second home. Remember Semana Santa is busiest on the weekend – lots of traffic and lots of people, so be patient and remember that it’s only a couple of days and then we will all have our quiet beach town back. If you can’t rent your home out and escape the festivities then you are always welcome to join in on the fun. Just look around, there are parties in every corner of the city and Calle 13 is still going strong by the time breakfast comes around!

Like every year, whale watching has become one of our best attractions. We follow several pages on Facebook that are giving us info on where they have seen the whales and they are now coming up the sea of Cortez. So far they have been seen them in San Carlos, Bahia de Kino and here in Puerto Peñasco. Our Mar the Cortez is special and we are lucky to have these beautiful creatures migrate though our waters. Lannette is still waiting for one to cruise the bay at Laguna Shores Resort while she is paddle boarding.

If you have never been whale watching this is the month to do it. It’s a great experience and we have many options on tours for you to choose from, you can always drive up to Old Port and ask around and prices are pretty affordable and start around $25 dlls per person. There is nothing quite like being up close and personal with a giant whale. They are just massive and so majestic.

And staying around the same subject, don’t forget that the Sea Shell Museum is now OPEN! Russ and Naomi Black opened a free admission seashell museum for everyone to come and enjoy, they are only open on Fridays from 10am to 5pm. Everyone is welcome and if you would like more info you can also find them on Facebook under SeaShell Museum.

Other events happening in Puerto Peñasco are the Charanga Derby to benefit the Casa Hogar (the old folks home as many of your know it) and if you would like to participate visit them at Calle Miguel Hidalgo corner of Blvd. Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez and talk to Santiago, they also welcome any donations, like adult diapers, walkers, wheel chairs, medical supplies, non-perishable food, etc., or you can always bring them to our office and we will make sure they receive them.

We have had some people ask why we have a Federal check point on the Coastal Highway, and just wanted to let everyone know that they are they for our safety. They set up the check point usually in the afternoons, but they are not there every day, its nothing to be afraid of as they are only following protocol and doing their job, making sure our city keeps and stays safe and it’s good to know they are there in case of an emergency. And if you are travelling the highway at night, they often set up about 10 miles out so look for the flashing lights – they are usually kind of a purplish color and red. When you get close they blink a flashlight at you to slow down, but if you’re not expecting them it can be a bit frightening. So just beware and always try not to drive the highways at night. And be courteous and answer their simple questions and you will receive the same respect in turn.

Well, I think that’s it for this month, but before I forget, I would like to say hi and thank you all the way to Arizona City to my golf teacher, Uncle Pat (Sandy’s brother) and to one of our subscribers, my aunt Noemi Zepeda and, of course a big thank you to all of you that read us every month and enjoy the paper, stay safe!