Another month, and, once again, hello to everyone that reads us every month and thank you. It’s a Monday and everyone knows Monday is the hardest day of the week, but I do have to say it is a little less painful being here and working in this great seaside town of Rocky Point.

As we begin March, we begin a new season too: Spring is around the corner and the weather is changing, and we are having fewer and fewer cold days and lots of good days. It has hardly felt like we had any kind of winter, but the water is still pretty cold.

Like every year, snowbirds visit us and its impressive to see the RV’s packed to their maximum, some of them are here for only a couple of days, and some stay for weeks or even months. They just love our spectacular beaches and our great weather. Most of our Snow Bird visitors are from the U.S. and Canada and we would like to remind them that our book room is open to everyone. We have hundreds of books – paperback, hard cover, magazines and even DVD movies and VHS tapes. It’s a free service, open to everyone, even if you are only visiting for a couple of days. “Take ‘em, read ‘em, bring ‘em back“. We are always happy to receive your read books.

The new seasons also brings “SPRING BREAKERS” and it all begins this week, university and high school students from several states like Arizona, California, Texas and Colorado visit our beaches and have a great time. After Spring Break is over, then comes Semana Santa. During Semana Santa, Rocky Point gets a lot busier than Spring Break. We are pretty much “invaded” by 120,000 visitors, and I was just talking to a friend and as of last month and he says everything was 100% reserved. We would like to welcome all of our Spring Breakers and Semana Santa-ers to enjoy our beaches, have fun, and most importantly stay safe!

Another season that will begin is Baseball Season. Our local team Tiburones de Puerto Peñasco will begin playing on April 2nd and they are saying they want to win this year! We will be sharing their game schedule on our Facebook page as soon as they give us the info. And remember that their stadium was just remodeled a year ago and its looking great! They even have a small restaurant/sports bar inside where you can buy food and snacks. If you used to go before they remodeled the stadium you probably remember the score guy having to change the score by hand all the way in the back field on the board. I am happy to say we now have an electronic one – might not be much for some people but for us it’s great to see these kind of improvements. When we go to the games we like seeing many of the local American Community at the games and I encourage more of you to come and watch the games – they are always a lot of fun.

Sadly, the one season that comes to an end this month is the shrimping season, so if you are out of fresh shrimp, now is the time to stock up. We like to buy a few kilos and get them vacuumed sealed and then freeze them for whenever we want to eat them and they taste great. Also, remember that because the season is over, the prices also go up. Shrimp season was great this year and our fishermen friends are telling us that it was better than last year.

GREEN BEER! Yes, its that time of the year too, corned beef and cabbage too of course. Latitude 31 will be having their special this year (just like every year) and you have to call and make reservations because they get super busy and it’s so good that they always run out. Check out the ads in this month’s edition to see if your favorite place is having a St. Patty’s Day celebrations.

We hope everyone has a great Spring Break and remember to be safe!!