What a busy and very interesting March! We had some strange weather from day to day including hail, rain, and clouds. I say strange because March is typically windy and a bit cool, but we went from rain and hail to warm sunshine with just a sprinkling of a few windy days. It should be smooth sailing from here on out with sunny, beautiful weather. Speaking of sailing, well, not so much sailing, but boats and water…a group of us are set to spend 4 days aboard the Fiesta Yacht, cruising the Sea of Cortez later this month. The yacht has been completely rehabbed and looks very nice and they now offer 2-night, 3-day excursions as well as customized trips, which is kind of what our group did. We head out toward the end of the month and I’m not sure what the itinerary is except that we will be on the water, are hoping to see a blue whale or two and will be visiting islands as well as Bird Island on the way back. We’ll be yachting during the full moon so that should be pretty cool. Eventually I’ll give you a full accounting of our trip…or just follow The Rocky Point Times Newspaper on Facebook, Instagram, X and even on YouTube…we’re getting it together…slowly but surely! Fiesta Yacht is on social media if you want to check out their last charter and start booking yours. I know ours will be a blast!

My sister-in-law made her annual pilgrimage from Huntington Beach, California last month and while we usually go over to the Baja every year to see the whales and bother Tony Ballesteros, this year we opted to stay local and chill. Well, local and we rented a beach house down at Santo Tomas for 4 days. We left Peñasco during a rain and hailstorm and ended up at Santo Tomas with a sky full of sunshine and a little breeze. Alicia, Mario, my sister-in-law and I met Kento Blanco at Santo Tomas and once the trucks were unloaded, we headed straight over to Viñedos La Bonita to see my favorite peeps, enjoy their delicious wine and take a tour of the winery – I swear it never gets old and every time I learn and see something new.

Not only did we hang out on the beach at Santo Tomas and visit the winery, but over the four days we toured the Petroglyphs outside of Caborca with the Secretary of Tourism and our favorite guide, Israel Nava. We also toured the Mission and its museum in Caborca as well as the art museum across the street. We shopped at Viñedos La Bonita’s store in Caborca and had some of their fresh brewed sangria, bought fresh dates, oranges and asparagus from roadside stands and stopped and had ice cream filled coyotas. Our Caborca day was topped off with a fantastic multi-Dutch oven dinner prepared by our own Kento Blanco at our beach house with a special appearance by the Mayor of Caborca and the Bajnora Adventures peeps. While we were there, the Mayor of Caborca arranged for us to have a private tour of an asparagus processing plant which was absolutely amazing and so informative. We also took a trip out to Puerto Lobos to check it out and see how much it has grown since the addition of the coastal highway – wow! The last time I was there you had to take that gawd-awful dirt road on the outskirts of Caborca and it took F.O.R.E.V.E.R to get there…not anymore. Lots of details about the trip so check back next month. Whew! Oh, almost forgot to mention the trip bonus – as if there could be one highlight – but catching the launch of the Space X thingamabob was a pretty awesome sight in the super dark skies above Santo Tomas.

Very much looking forward to the great weather this month, our mini-cruise and hanging out on the beach. See you in Peñasco!