I just stepped off the first Calafia Airlines flight from Tijuana to Puerto Peñasco today. Easy, smooth, and fast. It took us a whole 43 minutes to get from Tijuana, Baja California to Puerto Peñasco, Sonora – right over the Sea of Cortez – great scenery, no hassles, and a direct, smooth flight. Calafia’s new twice-weekly flight (to/from Tijuana-Peñasco) will now (potentially) expose our city to every passenger who connects through Tijuana, not to mention making travelling faster and easier for those coming from California and Baja. Calafia may have just tapped into the right hub with this one.

Since Calafia Airlines added our new Puerto Peñasco flight, Tijuana is now Mexico’s “most connected” airport with 37 connections, surpassing Mexico City with 36 connections. Flights are every Monday and Friday, and I wrote an entire article about my trip in this edition (Page 50) – so check it out…I’d like to thank Wayne Corcoran, Resort Manager and Real Estate Broker of Laguna Shores Resort for my invite as his +1. Why the Rocky Point Times Newspaper was not invited on this very important flight I have no idea although we were invited to the press conference at the airport on Friday when it landed. But lucky for you…and me…Laguna Shores Resort realized how important this newspaper is, and has been, to this community and its tourism for the past 30 years – even during covid when we kept publishing except for the 2 months that the city was in lock-down. Hopefully we will be a staple on each and every Calafia flight to Peñasco so that our visitors have current and accurate info. and will know all the wonderful things that our city has to offer.

One huge event that the Rocky Point Times Newspaper WAS invited to (I know, a bit snarky), and gladly attended, was the Woman of the Year Gala honoring Mary Snyder put on by the Puerto Peñasco Business and Professional Women’s Association. Mary is only the 2nd foreigner to receive this prestigious award since the association was founded in 1978: The other honoree was Jeannette Clifton. The yearly nominee is chosen based on who the association feels has made a significant contribution to Puerto Peñasco and Mary had definitely been deserving of this award – though I wasn’t thrilled when they said she had it for 2020, 2021 and 2022…I literally saw her head expand. Hah, just kidding – no, really, I did!

The Gala was had such an awesome turnout and was such a fun, fun night. Mary’s family and friends came from all over the United States, and a lot of her client friends who have been with her since the beginning at the Pinacates to her new development, Encantame Towers were in attendance. Not only did almost everyone come out for the night, but people who couldn’t attend, such as our good friend Bob Hawkins of Western Tree Company, sent donations – love that guy! I mention him because he has been a huge, huge silent supporter of our community for a very, very long time and I know he won’t give me any flack for seeing his name in print!

The Gala event planners really did a great job from ease of check-in and finding your table to the red-carpet photos (thanks Manny Sanchez, Jr. among others) to the serving 700+ people dinner in a timely manner to the awesome band and entertainment – lots of you left before the guys on stilts came out and Agustin and Victor (Santo Coyote) got on stage and sang a couple numbers! Everyone looked so lovely and seemed happy to be out and about and socializing. It was really great to see people I haven’t seen in years! Above all, the event’s purpose is to raise money to help further the education of local young women who would otherwise not have the opportunity – not only college and/or grad. school, but we’re also talking junior high and high school!! If you missed the event, or would like to make a contribution to helping young women finish school and then go on to become lawyers, doctors, biologists, pilots, scientists, teachers – or whatever profession they choose – you can call Laura Valencia at either (480) 445-9200 US or local (638) 383-6345 or give our office a call at (480) 463-6255 or locally at (638) 383-6325 or email us at rockypointtimes@yahoo.com and we’ll get you all set up. Thanks for everyone who attended this year’s event…that may be the one and only time this year we see each other in our finery 🙂

Memorial Day Weekend is this month – woohoo! Did you see the photos of Competition Hill during Semana Santa? Take a look at our Social Media Page in this edition. It was crazy! And that photo just reflects the people coming down off the Hill at night. So, Memorial Day Weekend is May 27th through May 30th and our border hours are extended on Friday, May 27th and on Monday, May 30th until 10PM…ONLY on those 2 days! (Hours on the Saturday and Sunday remain at 6AM-8PM.) On Friday and Monday, you have 2 extra hours to come down and get home so please plan ahead and drive safely. We want everyone to come down, have a great time and make it here and home without incident.

A last reminder for those of you who purchased at Encantame Towers in Velero or Verano, Hacienda del Sol Furniture is offering their final Gift Card Sale through May 31st. Definitely take advantage of this great offer of 25% off (pay $750 for a $1k value card) on special order items which is good for 1 year from the date of purchase. See their ad in this issue for more info.

Have a super May and we hope to see you all down here for Rocky Point’s many events this month!