The following is a letter we received from one of the Rocky Point Times contributing writes.

Dear Tom
My name is Anita Kaltenbaugh and I currently write monthly articles for the Rocky Point Times. Through correspondence with Sandy on monthly articles, I asked her if she knew anyone who might be interested in reviewing my new travel book, “Travel Secrets: Insider guide to planning, affording and taking more vacations”, she suggested you.
I would be honored if you’d take the time to review my book in the Rocky Point Times. I have provided a copy of the book for you review. If you would rather have it in an eBook version I can email you an eBook document for whatever eBook device you use.  The book is 132 pages priced at $9.99 for paperback and $3.99 for eBook versions. It is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and as an eBook on the Kindle, nook and IPAD.
My motivation for the book was to inspire others to get up off the couch and start traveling more and experience our diverse world. How I thought I could achieve this, was by motivating folks to created a travel bucket list and then learn easy ways to save money on travel.
Thank you in advance for your consideration, I appreciate your time and hope you enjoy the book.

Anita Kaltenbaugh
Author, Travel Secrets

Most people who have been around me for even a short time, know that I like to read. I read anything and everything… from A to Z. When I received this letter and the book, my first thought was, “Just how interesting can this book be?” Well I read the book, cover to cover in a few hours. I had intended to read a bit and go on about my day, but the book caught my interest enough to just keep me reading. In my opinion, Anitas book is well worth the price, whichever way you purchase it, whether you are a traveler or not. The book will motivate you to some degree, to ‘think’ about traveling in a different way. There are also many great tips to use while traveling, and included is an extensive list of websites on ways to save money when booking a vacation. Thank you for your book, Anita. I learned a few things, and I must say that I really enjoyed reading it.

Rocky Point celebrated Semana Santa (Easter week), with virtually every hotel and motel filled to capacity. License plates showed that people came from all over Mexico, the Baja and the U.S. to celebrate. One of my friends said that he had fifty people stying at this small three bedroom home. This is not unusual for families to gather together during this time. This year was a bit different, though, a bit BIGGER!  Sandy and I have lived in Rocky Point for twenty years and we remember when Spring Break was at its most popular time, and the town was filled to capacity with students and friends. While I don’t know of an official or unofficial head count for this Semana Santa, I believe there were more people in town than I have ever seen before, in all these years. Along the side of the Rocky Point Times Offices, there were five tour buses parked, and many more throughout Sandy Beach and the town. It was a great boost to our economy, and hopefully a window for the future.

El Golfo Run #30

For those of you who have not heard of El Golfo de Santa Clara, it is a small town about 85 miles north of Rocky Point on the tip of the Sea of Cortez. Using the Coastal Highway #3, it is only a couple hours from Rocky Point. Twice a year, Sandy organizes a three day-two night offroad trip from Rocky Point to El Golfo. One trip in May the other in October. Everyone is welcome to participate. All you need is a vehicle that can handle the sandy beach, railroad tracks, sand dunes and salt flats. You must be the type of person who is not in a hurry, not overly organized, you must have a ton of patience, and if you enjoy an occasional cocktail, cerveza, mudslide, martini, bloody mary, etc…that’s allright. If your choice is a coke, iced tea or juice, that’s ok too.

We just celebrated our 30th run (May 20,21, 22), with a ‘Survivors’ party at La Casa del Capitan Restaurant. Almost all of the 34 daredevils were there for the after-party. A few like Placido, Vinittza, Diana, Al, Emily, Roy & Pattie either had to go back home to work or were partied out, but everyone agreed we all had a fun couple of days. Ed’s note; a lot of people thank Sandy and me for organizing these runs, and we appreciate that, but Robert Lee, and Dave & Debby should be thanked for going out ahead of time and scouting out ways to travel offroad, avoiding any new developments and being the trail bosses of the entire run.

Every run is unique in its own way, and this 30th trip was no different. Spencer and Judy donated a muffler to the railroad tracks, Casey and Beverly got their jeep high centered (at which time, Bev bailed), Sandy and I were towed 45 miles into El Golfo behind Paul and Carols big-big Dodge Ram 4×4 (which also high-centered) on a little tiny,15’ tow rope (at which time, Sandy wanted to bail). A big Thank You! to Pat for bringing the new coil. Other than these minor mechanical and pilot errors, everyone made it safely to El Golfo. Al and Judy loaded up their jeep with sand dollars. Many people say that Dave and Candy make the best “Mary’s”. After several runs up and down El Mochorro, most of us spend a few hours at the El Capitan Cantina being entertained by Frank and son, Justin, and “The crew”  Jon, Ben, Douver, B-52, John, Amanda Hugenkiss, Rob ( I don’t smoke), Mark, and big guy seashell Jake. (Some of us were hoarse the next day from laughing. Ya had to be there).

The Survivors Party ended with Clint and Judy teaching the bartenders how to make shots of chocolate peanut butter cup and some PP’s …..and everyone toasting to a fun trip.

P.S. Pablo was kept somewhat in check, thank you Luz. Pats wife, Robin, daughter, Nikki and friend Alexa, stayed in Rocky Point and spent their time shopping and lounging by the pool, but joined us on the terrace for the party. Last but not least, our photographer and historian who has made almost all the trips with us, we missed you Carolina, we are sorry you had clients in town, and couldn’t join us. See you all on the October run!

This months cover shot, ‘Aliziah Going Fishing’, was shot on Sandy Beach in front of Playa Bonita Hotel by Karen Aldridge, creator of Rocky Point Calendar. Sandy selected the photo, posted the cover on Facebook on May 18th at 4:15, and by 5:30 she had received a note from Aliziahs brother who is serving in the USArmy, stationed in Ft Bragg, North Carolina!!  He said, “OMG, that’s my little sister”!!  Since then, the picture has practically gone viral, and little Aliziah has become a “Star”, as she represents the welcoming arms of Rocky Point and its beaches to all ages of visitors.