The beginning of this year has been exciting and full of activities benefit of the families of Puerto Peñasco and Sonoyta. Thanks to all the support that we have received from all of you at our center we are able to offer programs that allow us to help everyone that comes to the center or to wherever we go when visiting the different parts of the city: From the smallest ones to the older adults, hundreds have benefited since the beginning of the 2022 year.

This is what the center has accomplished so far…

Medical Clinics: Over 500 people have attended at our medical clinics here and in Sonoyta. We have different health specialists, from physical therapists, ophthalmologists, orthopedists, pediatricians, and gynecologists among others. We have also begun to give other medical services like, dental work, vaccines, and papsmears every Thursday.

Community Diner: Every day we serve warm and healthy food for those families that need it. During the months of January and February we served over 950 dinner plates to women, children and men of all ages.

Homework Club: We have 20 kids that attend the club every day to get aid in doing their homework, and to reinforce their reading, math and writing skills and we also have English classes once a week.

Kids Club: We reactivated our kids club for every Saturday, here we do arts and crafts, games, and we sing and dance among other recreative activities that allows them to develop their abilities.

Cheer: We have a small group of cheerleaders that have been practicing this sport for the last 5 years, but this has been the year that they have made it into an official cheering group and they have added more girls and teens – so now we can enjoy all their cheering skills.

We have also added to new programs, one is Vivienda Digna, (Dignified Living) for families of low income that need repairs or a new bathroom in their house. The second program is called Casas de Esperanza, for those families that do not have a house, we build them a brand new one. Right now, we have a waiting list of about 20 families that need this type of support. In February with the help of Living Stream Church and a group of ASU students we did the first home repairs for 3 families and in March we built the very first house for an older couple that have custody of their 9 yr. old granddaughter.

If you would like to be part of this wonderful labor, you can also make a tax-deductible donation at and this will allow us to continue with the programs we offer. Other ways of helping are by donating supplies that we need on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule, here is a list of our necessities.

•          Cleaning and disinfecting supplies

•          Disposable plates, cups, forks & spoons etc.

•          Computers/Laptops and any other office supplies

•          Headphones and speakers for computers

•          School and craft supplies

•          Non-perishable foods, rice, beans etc.

•          Clothing, toys and misc.

Donations can also be dropped off directly at the center or at the offices of the Rocky Point Times. We are a US tax deductible organization 501c3. Our address is Cjon. Juan Aldama entre Av. 68 y 69 #668, Col. San Rafael 83553 Puerto Peñasco, Tel: 638-690-1531.