The Community Center “La Esperanza Para Nueva Vida” on Avenida Lazaro Cardenas, in the Eastern part of Rocky Point that few tourists ever see, came into existence 18 years ago as a result of hard work, dedication, and love, by a few people who wanted to make the lives of those in need a little better. The center has slowly grown, mostly through donations, over the years and it continues to improve and transform in order to accommodate the needs of the people to whom it serves.

Today, the center offers food packages to hundreds of families each month, who would otherwise go without enough to eat. They have fun events throughout the year and at Christmas so that families can experience joy and the kids can receive gifts. Prior to COVID-19, these festivities would attract over 1000 children, and every one of them went home a little happier than they had been before they came. Since the COVID-19 restrictions have come into effect, the gatherings are limited to much smaller groups, but the effect on the children and the families remains the same.

The center offers vocational training courses to adults in order to help them find employment and improve their lives. They teach English, Dressmaking, Computer Skills, Beauty Salon Skills, Personal Care, and many more – all free of charge to those taking the classes. They offer counseling for those in need and find shelter for abused women and children. So many people depend on this center, that it is a shame that it doesn’t get more attention – and donations.

Now that COVID-19 has changed the way kids are learning, the center has stepped up to set up a computer center for kids from homes who don’t have a computer – or internet – or even electricity. They have had bake sales, yard sales, donations drives, and more to garner funds for an addition to the center in order to add the extra space needed. Much has been accomplished, but they still need help. If you can volunteer your time, an unused computer, groceries, or money, it would be gladly welcomed. If you have a skill and would like to teach it to willing students, child or adult, they would be happy to have you. Basically, this grass roots center will grow and expand as much as allowed based on the resources that are available to them. Contact for more info or to help.

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