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Feliz Febrero mis amigos…I hope 2021 is treating you all as well as can be in our “new world”. How are your New Year’s resolutions coming along? Some people make them, some do not. I make them because after all, we cannot change the past, but we can change who we are today and do have the ability to change the future in a positive fashion. Well, I only had three this year…And they are coming along fine for the moment.

#1 is to be more grateful and thankful for the wonderful family and friends I have. I could never be the guy I am without an abundance of happiness that they all bring to my life. It’s always a blessing to have the support of such a wonderful group of peeps!

#2 is to reach out more often to those in need. This is not just to my circle of friends and family but to others you happen to pass in our lives. You never know what a simple comment can do such as, “wow, your perfume smells awesome” (unfair advantage?) or “you have a really nice smile” or simply “hello, please go before me” while in line at the store. You never know what the smallest words or gestures will do. In these times, it’s always best to start a trend and spread the love to all!

#3 is to take a deep breath and chill! Too often I am running from work to home to the gym to a friend’s house and I often do not take time for myself and just CHILLAX! Sooooo…This one will be the most challenging as I often have a full plate…not just in Vegas…just in normal life. So, inhale, exhale, chill pill it is and enjoy life more!

Ahhhh, the Rocky Point Times Photo Contest is drawing to a close and will be announced in next month’s article. Remember to email a photo from Rocky Point to with your name and phone number! We have some really cool gift baskets from our fine friends at Encantame Towers, Manny’s Beach Club and Tekila Bar! And as they always say, ya gotta be in it…TO WIN IT!!! So, get snapping Rocky Point and show me some goodies. There’s already some really cool entries but I know there is plenty more waiting to be shared ?!

Whale, whale, whale…it’s that time of year again. The whales are back in town! I am just now planning an adventure to go out to greet our annual friends from the deep. If you have never gone, it is a MUST and if you have gone, you know why you want to return. There are many cool adventure companies that you can hook up with and schedule a trip. Some of them advertise right here in the Rocky Point Times.  It is always an amazing experience and one of the best things I like is not just the views but reconnecting with friends, oh yeah, a bevy might be had…And meeting new friends along the journey. Did you know that the whales travel over 6,000 miles to make their way to the Sea of Cortez? Why do they come to see us? My version…to blow their own horn or spouts…well I guess I am not sure what they are called?. But it is for food, warmer water and mating. Hmmmm, sounds a lot like Rocky Point for sure! They truly are the giants of the ocean and our own Tony Ballesteros aka the Whale Whisperer can surely share his secrets about the best places to go to view these magical creatures.

Good news, Austin Powers (you may have seen him wobbling around on crutches nursing his broken leg for 6 months) is back in step! I guess he never really missed a step from his crutches and bootie, to cane, to limping and now…he’s back…so take it easy Austin…the town is a bit better with you as a whole person!

Can’t wait to see you all at the beach! Here’s to an awesome year and to finding true happiness here in our favorite place of all…ROCKY POINT!