Circus Mexicus is always a huge draw to our community here in Rocky Point, and 2017 delivered one of the best shows in years! This year’s show kicked off at Wrecked at the Reef of Thursday with Zubia’s Band of Brothers, followed by the Darci Carlson Band at JJ’s Cantina, and then the Lawbreakers followed by the ever popular Pistoleros. The fiesta then continued at Banditos with the Black Bottom Lighters. The crowds were all about the fun and revelry as Friday continued with Southwest Midnight, Ryan Bexley Band, Darci Carlson Band, Sean Kelly-From the Samples and then at the Mexican Moonshine Main Stage the Pistoleros opened followed by the Sand Rubies, the Black Moods and the main show, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers and finally the Black Bottom Lighters.
On Saturday, the fun continued with Roger Clyne’s Rock and Beach Soccer Tournament followed by concerts from Sugahbeat, Ryan Bexley Band, one of my faves for sure…Mr. Mirainga, Whiskey’s Quicker, the Sand Rubies, The Jons- Full Band, Fayuca, Jason Devore, The Samples and of course Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers. I had the pleasure of bartending the VIP tent at the Mexican Moonshine events on Friday and Saturday nights with two new friends, Jamie and Tiffany. We had a blast as usual, and I cannot thank the Poturalski clan enough for throwing another amazing event this year! There were ample supplies of everything, the lines were in order, we were well-staffed and the crowds of party goers were well-behaved and simply hysterical to watch as they enjoyed each of the bands. The bartending crew was awesome as we all joined in to sing our theme song…” On a Scale of One to Ten”! What a great feeling to see our city, Rocky Point, grow up to have so many amazing bands and venues. Even some of the “off –site” places like Tekila Bar and Boo Bar hosted some amazing parties and live music to round out the weekend’s events. And with all the new construction and additions to existing establishments, the fun gets better with each passing year.
Finally, on Sunday I got to really enjoy it all and partake in all of the fun…SUNDAY FUNDAY and no work for me! It was sensational seeing all of my old friends and meeting up with new ones…thank you Angela…and I was able to truly see and enjoy all of the bands. Hats off to Craig Poturalski and the gang from Mr. Mirainga, who had everyone at JJ’s, from the boats in the water to the tops of the tables, dancing along to their sensational beats and fresh tunes. If you did not make this year’s four day event, please be sure to put it down as a MUST SEE ROCKY POINT EVENT for next year! I promise you that you will not be disappointed in the music, spirit and most of all new friends!
Happy July to everyone, and may your summer be filled with many good times and memories made only here, in ROCKY POINT. Many blessings to all. I look forward to seeing you at the beach! You all are the best. Always remember to reach out to those in need in our community and offer some help to those in need. Your kind deeds will never be forgotten.