For those of you who are blessed enough to be a dog owner or dog lover, you know that the joys a dog can bring to your life are boundless. I am lucky to be the proud owner of my dog, a pug named LUCKY STAR or just Lucky, Luckster, Luck Luck, Suerte (en español) or just my plain ‘ole sidekick. Lucky loves traveling around the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico in my car with me. Being a pug, she truly is extremely compatible and loves to look out the windows on the car rides and of course take long naps.

However, the best part of all for Lucky is her trips to the beach and her rekindling with her friendships with her Pug Family at Bella Sirena. Thank you Poturalski family for introducing us to the awesome Pug breed! Based on the number of pugs in and around our beaches, you have helped make them a very popular dog breed here in Rocky Point. Usually, as I stroll down to the beach from my condo she is all calm and cool, but once she sees the ocean (our Sea of Cortez)…off she goes darting to the swoosh of the waves washing ashore. She usually draws quite a small crowd as she charges in and out of the waves and stirs up a big commotion on the sand before plunging back into the next wave. Lucky always loves to greet the other beach goers and dogs with a few wags of the tail and a couple licks and she truly looks happiest when she is playing around on our beautiful beaches here in Rocky Point.
Whether you have a Beagle, Collie, Labrador, Rottweiler, Akita, Yorkie, Boxer, Shepherd, Hound, Spaniel, Malamute, Pug (like me!) or any other breed of dog, unlike in the United States, your dog is always welcome on the beaches in Rocky Point! In the summer months, it is a good idea to check out how hot the sand is for your dogs paws. In general, if it’s uncomfortable for you, it will be for your dog as well. Sometimes I have to carry Lucky a little way down to the water so she does not burn her paws. If you are a renter, it is a good idea to check with the rental agency about taking your dog to the rental unit. Many rental agencies do have some restrictions based on the owner’s wishes. Additionally, it is important if you are returning to America, to carry a copy of your dog’s license and proof that your dog is current with their immunization shots as our border patrol agents do require this. Personally, I have crossed the border countless times with The Star of the Show, Lucky, and they have asked me a few times for my paper work. On one occasion, I did not have it and they simply had me fill out some forms to mail back into them and I was on my way.
I sincerely wish everyone had a most amazing holiday season and super happy New Year’s Eve like the one we just celebrated here at the beach!! I must say that I am lucky to have such an awesome family and amazing friends, lucky to have my good health, lucky to have LUCKY and lucky to be at the best beach in the world…the beaches here in ROCKY POINT! Please remember, when you try to control everything, you enjoy nothing. Sooo, RELAX, BREATHE, LET GO AND LIVE! A NEW YEAR is on the way and the possibilities are endless for YOUR 2015!!! GOD BLESS & SEE YOU AT THE BEACH!!! Marco