Happy September, Rocky Point! Awww, there is hope this month for some amazing beach days ahead. Our weather begins to cool and the humidity slowly diminishes and before we know it…Fall is upon us!  I was so excited to see the beaches fully open back up and not seeing people dash under the rope for a secret swim. And the timing is great with our Labor Day Weekend upon us. Hopefully, our businesses can start to see some sort of normalcy back as vacationers from around Mexico and the United States as well as other parts of the world, begin to come back to Rocky Point!

So, we no longer have to dream about swims in the sea, we can actually go for it and toss ourselves in a couple waves and enjoy the water once again. This all got me to thinking about dreams that many of us have so often and I wondered what the true meaning of these dreams are. I did some research and came up with several of the most common dreams and what they actually mean to us. Some were somewhat expected, and other interpretations were rather impressive, but they did all seem to make sense. Let’s try to shed some light on your dreams……no need to panic and hopefully this will help you to understand yourself a little better.

  1. Naked in Public- Hmmm, I haven’t read it completely yet but somehow my hand already raised. I have to say this would be a yes for me…and not in my dreams…well ya know there’s always a dance floor and you know what they say about tequila and your clothes?!! But this actually symbolizes not being able to find yourself or being wrongfully accused. Hmmm, makes you wonder!
  2. Fear of flying – Now, this one I don’t think I have ever had. I truly love to travel, anywhere and everywhere. The more often the better! However, this in your dreams means that someone or something is stopping you from moving onto the next step in your life.
  3. Unable to find a toilet – Hmmm, another one that occurs to me that I don’t have to be dreaming to live this one out! But having trouble finding a toilet in your dreams indicates you may be finding difficulty in expressing your needs in a certain situation. It usually means you are putting others first too often and not tending to your own personal needs.
  4. Your teeth falling out – Well, unlike #1 and #3, I thankfully have not had this experience as an adult in real life. This dream focuses on your anxieties about your appearance and how others perceive you. These often stem from a fear of rejection, embarrassment or feeling unattractive. Here’s my answer to this one so you never have to worry about having this dream again…YOU are beautiful and you are created and are just the way that God intended. Laugh at your defects and cherish your positive energy and never worry about what others may think of you. You cannot control how others think or perceive you. So, smile and forge ahead with kindness and watch the positive energy surround you!
  5. Falling in a dream – This one I have had in both real life and in my dreams. I have done a few headers slipping on a boat and a few times here in Rocky Point on a water slide and in a bar…go figure! This dream also signifies anxiety and fear about a situation. However, if you are happily free falling it suggests you are not afraid of the changes in your life and you are ready to move forward. If you are falling into the water or the sea, whoa…watch out it means you are falling in love!
  6. Being chased in a dream – This one I have had before for sure…and the dream analysis…oh boy, it means you have a tendency to run away from issues rather than tackle them. This dream will often happen over and over again until you find the issue and resolve it in your waking life. Hmmmm, well I am a Libra and I need balance so “issues” are not my friend and I do tend to shy away from them…not so terrible…people, in the end are happy ?.
  7. Dreams about dying – Well, happy to say, I am still ticking, and I really cannot recall having this dream before. This suggests you are going through some big changes in your life. Like death, you do not know what is on the other side of changes in your life so death can be a normal dream. It also suggests you or others close to you have reached milestones in their life. For instance, a child might grow into their teen years, so the death of their childhood is upon you.
  8. Dreams about laughing uncontrollably – Well, this one I do every day and not while sleeping! This most likely means that you are in trouble because of a situation and you can do little to overcome it. This can also mean that you are releasing your suppressed and bent up emotions. Wow, well that seems like a healthy release…LAUGH ON, MEXICO!

I cannot wait to see you back at the beach and not DREAMING of going, but actually taking it all in, including our fantastic Sea of Cortez! Here’s to you Rocky Point and a fantastic September!